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App + Salon Service Review: Timesaverz

I have been away and travelling to shop for my brother’s wedding which happens in September. Also, I was under the weather and covered with 4 blankets. Not fun.

I got an email from the people over at Timesaverz who said they wanted me to try out their beauty services to which I promptly agreed. Then, I had to leave town and unless the beauty lady came tagging along which would be slightly awkward, this would have to wait. So I decided to have the service later. And I did. Here’s my review of the app and the beauty services provided.

They gave me a Rs.1000 beauty voucher to use. I used the code they gave me in their app when I booked the appointment. I downloaded their app for to test things out.

So, before you say anything at all the app asks you where you live. And then you hope that your area is included in 294 places that it serves.


I made it through and went straight to the beauty services. I was recommended service that other people buy with this service but I cleverly dodged that bullet and didn’t click on anything I need. But also forgot I needed to thread my eyebrows which are now jutting out in random directions.


Then my appointment got book and I got a message confirming it got booked. Megha was assigned to me. When you book the appointment, you get only an option for 2 hours slots I wanted her to come at 11am but I had to choose the 10am-12 noon slot for that. So, yeah. As usual, I had to sign in, which was no fun. Give them a bunch of details like address and stuff. Also, if you are getting a beauty service today  (booked through the app) I am not going to take one tomorrow. Maybe take that into account before giving me app updates about a discount?

Beauty Service Review

I had booked a waxing and Destress combo- this one had a manicure, pedicure, head and back massage. Megha called me at 9am in the morning to confirm the appointment at which point I asked her to come by 11am. She said okay. She turned up in a Timesaverz Tshirt and things were looking good till then. That’s when it started going downhill. The wax was supposed to be flavoured (I paid for that) but it was not. She asked me for a newspaper to setup her stuff, she didn’t have any disposable sheets. She had nothing for me to change into. Her tools for the pedicure and manicure were dirty and unhygienic. Her massage was a maalish (alas! a good massage remains a distant dream) and she used the same towel to clean my hands as she did my legs and clean my nails. Then, she asked me to lay down on the same towel for a massage. Eww.


This was followed by her using the nail file ( this is the emery board side of a buffer, the number 1) on my nails and some part of it came off and went into my skin. I bled. She simply put her finger on it.

The worst bit was when the service was over, I was asked to pay her Rs.1247. I said i had a discount, she had no idea. So I had to call them, the customer service was clueless, then called me after 10 minutes saying it was okay and that I should pay only Rs.247. It was a sad note to end my service.


Verdict: All the services offered on the app are basic and do not cover all aspects of the service. The beauty service technicians suffer from lack of training as is usually the case. I wouldn’t recommend them. I would still turn to Myglamm for their beauty services. My review is here


Hair Service Review (Women): A’Kreations, Bandra

I am here with another review. Of a place that seems like it has been named by Ekta Kapoor or a particularly zealous fan of hers. I don’t know if you’ve have heard of this place but the name had been cropping up in various places I was seeing and I thought it was time the Damsel took note and wrote a review. Now, it’s in a pretty fabulous place- it’s housed in the same building as the legendary Nalini and Yasmin salon- and I was expcting fabulous things. I have so much to tell you. Grab some tea and let’s get on with the review.

The Space


Because it is this uber cool building, I was expecting it to be pretty spacious. It’s not. The space feels extremely cramped and their design adds to the feeling of tiny. The place is done up in tones of brown and deep brown but not all of it is pleasing to the eye. They have jammed the nail services, about 8 hair service stations and a lounge area into this space. The lounge area is a tricky spot because it’s located across the salon and most customers won’t know it’s there. Which basically means the staff uses it. It could be so much nicer if they let customers use it as well, there’s a big, giant window that looks out to the road!

The Service


I called them up and booked an appointment with Priyanka. She took the details and I asked for a junior stylist. I actually wanted to get the haircut for a friend of mine , because I just had a haircut. Remember this? . Anyway, we head there.  So we go there and they were pretty confused about us. They did accommodate us but I think they never took the appointment down. I know this because once Shreya was in her seat getting her tresses snipped into shape, they came over to ask me all the details like my number , name and stuff.

The Experience



The fact that they had taken an appointment but had forgotten or hadn’t noted it down was a bummer. However, the service got underway quite quickly and Shreya was ushered to the chair. She was attended to by Tenzing who didn’t look like he had made to it to the top of the Everest, so I don’t know. But, but, he did a fabulous job. He wasn’t chatty and the place itself didn’t exude warmth but that’s not a minus for him, per se. He did this interesting thing where he asked her to throw her head back on the chair so he could curl her hair. He also then asked her to toss her hair in the front so there was a lot of movement on that chair. We walked out quite happy. She loved her cut and has been getting compliments ever since. Maybe Tenzing should move to a nicer place? Any salon owners listening?



In a Snip

Salon: A’Kreations, Bandra

Service availed: Haircut

The wallet is lighter by : Rs1035 for Junior Stylist

Get in touch: 1st Floor, Sagar Fortune, Above Haagen Dazs, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 Call: 022 6599 9900

Brands used: L’Oreal, Moroccan Oil

Hygiene of salon and professional: Clean but cramped. The bottles of shampoo were placed haphazardly and the display had more products than it could handle. 

Destress Quotient: 2.5 AAHs

Verdict: I didn’t like the salon but Tenzing did a great job. So I would recommend the stylist but maybe not the salon? I am upping the Destress Quotient only because he did a good job. 

Stylists name: Tenzing



Hair Service Review (Women): Our Own Hair and Beauty, Colaba

Wow, it’s been a while huh? But I can proudly claim it’s not because of me being lazy. It’s because I’ve started my own Youtube channel, which you can find here.

This is super exciting to me, watch that space as well. Now, I hadn’t been for a haircut since Jan which , frankly, is quite appalling considering I write about this. But I was thought I wouldn’t do a haircut till September when my brother gets married. Because we need the length for the updos. So yeah. But then my bangs grew out to a length which was depressing and made my hair look super limp. So off I went for a haircut and I headed all the way to Colaba to a salon called Our Own to get it done. A pause so you can admire my dedication.

The Space


I don’t know what to do when you put me up in a classroom setup

The salon, like all other salons these days, features plenty of white and grey. There’s an area where you can lounge round which appear before you can see the reception area when you step in. I only found the bit where they do the hair a bit peculiar. The area has all the stations facing once side placed behind one another. Like in a classroom. Not disturbing but peculiar.

The Service


I called up for an appointment at 4:30 because I was scheduled to for a play at NCPA at 6:30 and I thought that was enough time. You would think so, right? The lady at the reception (I forget the name) was sharp and helped me out quite quickly. They had to call me back and asked me if I would shift my appointment to 5 which I agreed to and they thanked me quite profusely.

The Experience


I did run a little late and they called up to check which is always a good thing. When I got there, they put on to Raj, their junior stylist. I wanted to say I was Simran but that joke sucks. Anyway, he played with my hair as is the norm and then told me this cool thing about how if my hair naturally falls this way, it is more flattering than if it falls the other way. He used a lot of words- feminine, sharp features, frames your face etc. were thrown around and I tuned out after a point. He finally said ‘Let’s wash your hair’ and I was quite happy to waddle along to the wash area. I was given a white cape and he washed my hair.

We came back to the chair and he started cutting my hair. He was terribly slow. He was obviously disturbed by me and my friends chatting and he asked us to, basically, stop talking. He also constantly rearranged where I was looking so that bit got annoying after a while. At around 6:15 he was still playing with my hair at which point I had to tell him I had a play to catch. He looked at me horrified. Then, he started blow drying my hair. Once it was blowdryed to perfection, he asked to me stand up and snipped a few out of head strands here and there. He had this really weird thing where he put my hair right in front of my eyes and then would get the scissors to chop of the extra bits. It freaked me out. We finally finished by 6:40 and ran to NCPA.


That’s a wrap

Salon: Our Own Hair and Beauty, Colaba

Service availed: Haircut

The wallet is lighter by : Rs1000 for Junior Stylist

Get in touch: Shop No.2, Firuz Ara, 160 MK Road, Opp., Cooperage Rd, Dr Ambedkar Statue Chowk Area, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Call:022 2288 8810

Brands used: L’Oreal, Kerastase

Hygiene of salon and professional: Extremely clean and well maintained. 

Destress Quotient: 2.5 AAHs

Verdict: I really liked how clean and spiffy the place looked. However, the snail paced cut and his getting his scissors in front of my eyes was a bummer. I also did find that the other stylist’s were quite loud in their advice to their clients which is kind of awkward. 

Stylists name: Raj aka Rajendra



Beauty Updates: Organic Harvest opens New Store, Schwarzkopf launches Academy


I missed this. But then it was a tough time for family and I didn’t feel like talking about much here.

Anyway, I am back and it’s time to talk beauty and skin. I went to Dubai and I will be discussing my makeup haul from there soon enough. I went a little crazy, to be honest. Picking up everything I could get my hands on and annoying the ladies by being extremely specific. I am not entirely sure but I saw couple of them buying guns so I am venturing a guess.

Before I left, I had a whirlwind week. Back to back events and interesting ones at that too. So, here’s what happened.

Organic Harvest Opens Outlet in Juhu


Organic Harvest, a brand that serves up organic, paraben-free products, launched its 11th outlet in Juhu. All of us bloggers made our way there and we got a bunch of products to try as well. The brand has an exfoliating scrub that seemed extremely interesting. While the usual suspects are all there- creams, shampoos, lotions and potions, the fragrances for most products were just about okay. A big bummer for me. However, the scrub I tried was pretty awesome and something that I might consider buying when I am done with my current crop. Oh, by the way, we all got some hairstyles done and even if I may say so myself, the one I got was pretty kickass.


Schwarzkopf Professional launched ASK Academy


Schwarzkopf Professional inaugurated the ASK Academy in Andheri East. This is going to be a hairdressing academy and they have some pretty cool stuff in the pipeline.  They followed it up with a hair fashion show at Taj Land’s End. The brand’s International Creative Director Simon Ellis talked about the looks for the season and introduced the audience to some pretty spectacular work. Check it out.



Beauty Updates: MyGlamm introduces Margaret Dabbs, #Makeover Wednesdays at Colorbar

Hello, hello.

It you think the blog’s been a little slow, it has. And this is because I am launching my Youtube channel soon. So. Much. Excite.

Also, I have been attending a lot of events. To make myself known and all that. I was invited by team at MyGlamm for their launch of the Margaret Dabbs Nail services and by the team at Colorbar for Makeover Wednesdays. Read on to find out more.

MyGlamm Introduces Margaret Dabbs


MyGlamm, the premium home salon service introduced Margaret Dabbs pedicures and manicures- these are nail services that don’t require any dipping of the hand in the water.

During the launch, bloggers were invited to experience these services and can I please say this? I was super impressed. Even the hand sanitiser from this brand smells amazing. And guys their crystal file? Yeah, that is beyond epic. No seriously. I will buying that one as soon as I can get my hands on it. We experienced this service at the MyGlamm offices in Lower Parel- which by the way- is quite funky and a cool place to hangout at. Also, they train their stylists and technicians in house and I love that they are this professional about the services they offer.


BEFORE: Neglected, ugly nails and sad hands. 

You can see before after pictures and I am sorry but my hands were in horrible shape. But using the Margaret Dabbs products, they cleaned up my hands into fabulous shape. The Margaret Dabbs mani pedis are going for Rs.4500 on MyGlamm. Check it out the next time you feel like ordering yourself some pampering.


AFTER: How pretty do they look?

#MakeOverWednesdays at Colorbar


Also, the guys at Colorbar wrote to me. They said they are starting this concept called #MakeOverWednesdays where every alternate week they’ll impart the glorious knowledge of makeup (read in opera voice). Last week, they were teaching the most daunting task ever- the winged eyeliner. Every time I have tried to do it, I have looked like a child went crazy on my eye with a crayon.

So when they invited me to get a tutorial on how to get it right, I was thrilled. I went to their Bandra store where Ivory taught me the basics of getting the winged liner right.


I may be able to give it a go, once again. And hopefully, this time. I won’t scare people. Check it out. By the way, the next one is on the 22nd of June. Here’s where it is at.

Workshop Schedule:
Day & Date: Wednesday, 22nd June 2016

Theme: Flawless Skin

Time: 11:00 am- 1:00 pm
Store where the workshop will be held

  1. Khan Market , Delhi
  2. DLF Promenade, Delhi
  3. Select City Walk – Saket, Delhi
  4. Mall of India , Noida
  5. Inorbit, Vashi
  6. Oberoi Mall, Mumbai
  7. Phoenix Market City, Pune
  8. Lulu Mall, Cochin

Also, the best bit? It’s FREE!!!


Product Review: BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo

Before we start, let me tell you this. I am a clean, hygienic person with good grooming habits. But hey, I have a few off days too. Just putting it out there.

So there’s a video everywhere I look about BBlunt’s Dry Shampoo where women are spraying this into the air. Yes, air not hair. Obviously, I got curious and clicked on the Buy Now option. And I was whisked away to the website where I ordered it from. Now, here’s the thing. I ordered it because they had created a buzz around it- which is super. But the delivery took more than a week. Such a downer. I thought they would have it in stock and ready to ship. Enough of the delivery talk. Let’s get into the review already.

BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo

IMG_20160613_151304 (1)

So I really wanted to test this product out. And I wasn’t going to be a wimp and give it hair that had been washed two days ago. Nope. This one was going to have to prove itself. So I didn’t wash my hair for 3 days. Hehe, okay 4. Fine, it was 5 days. Yes, I hadn’t washed my hair for 5 days. But. But in my defense, I didn’t have time. God, you guys. Yeah, I was lazy. But all for a review. Anyway, so this morning, I opened up my greasy hair and put this product to the test. And here’s what happened.

Here’s a before picture. *smh*. Roots be greasier than small time deli’s french fries.


Feel: It comes in a bottle with a nozzle and you’ve to spray it on to your roots. I didn’t get any product out on the first pump but the second pump it was out and heading straight for my roots. It feels a little like you are spraying deodorant on your hair. I didn’t put it on my skin, because, hello, who does that?

Fragrance: It’s mild but smells fresh and maybe with a hint of a citrusy note. I didn’t find the fragrance sunk completely into my hair though. I mean, it did smell nice but not everywhere.

Price: Rs. 495 for 125ml .

Buy it at:  BBlunt stores and right now, Amazon.

After picture:


Much better,phew!

Verdict: I had previously heard from a couple of friends about how they didn’t love BBlunt shampoos and conditioners so I was wary of this dry shampoo. But it managed to surprise me. It smells good, sprays evenly and does a good job of lifting the grease off the roots. It has a tiny amount of white powder look to it but nothing you can’t handle. Once you massage it in, it practically disappears. I would certainly consider keeping this handy for when your hair decides to do limp on you. It’s not strong but then I did subject it to 5 days of unwashed hair. Maybe two days is something it handles better. I’ll check and let you know! I didn’t love it but it does it’s job.

Destress Quotient: 3.5 AAHs