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Hair Service Review:Mookh Salon, Phoenix Market City, Kurla

Phoenix Market City in Kurla has a new salon. A salon called Mookh. It’s been around for a while but because I was gallivanting around town, I did not have time to pen down this post. Now, I went on a weekday, because that’s how I roll. Now, this place is easily missable. In fact, many places on this side of the mall are. But, but , I happened to be on that side once and simply had to review it. So, let’s get right to it.

The Space


I told you it was missable, yes? It is. Also, it has been designed by someone with a particular and peculiar penchant for white. The whole place can give you an alien vibe. Because I don’t know about you but when I go to a salon, I do want to feel like I am in outer space. It’s very white with little pops of blue. I went there for a hair spa and this area was cave like with you being seated under some seriously black ceiling. I am just going to leave at it not being my taste. The place is quite big and spacious so claustrophobic it isn’t.

The Service



I did call up the salon for an appointment and they called me as I was headed there. Kaching, brownie points. Once there though, I was made to wait for a good 15 minutes before a guy who had been sitting around was assigned the task of giving me a hair spa ritual. Mufeed seemed bored and uninterested but once we got talking he warmed up to me. So yay.

The Experience


Mufeed was really good. The massage was great and my hair felt super soft. The only downer was that he was really, really slow. Which is great because it’s a hair spa and you are supposed to feel pampered but I had million things to do and I just wanted him to get done with it after a while. He also abandoned me after he applied the hair mask and gave me massage. And abandoned me for a good 20 minutes or so. And I got some very weird stares from other customers as I walked around the salon. As if they’ve never done that. Anyway, once he was back he washed my hair and blow dried it but not to perfection. Just enough for it to look good. While the place wasn’t busy, it wasn’t packed as well. I assume people know about the salon from its other branches from around the city. He didn’t try to hard to sell me anything or any product and that makes me such a happy puppy.

It’s a wrap

Salon: Mookh Salon, Phoenix Market City, Kurla

Service availed: Hair Spa

The wallet is lighter by : Rs 1300 something. Little blurry on this figure, so don’t quote me on this. 

Get in touch: G-67, Phoenix Marketcity, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070 Call: 095944 78444

Brands used: L’Oreal

Hygiene of salon and professional: Clean and very white so  you could spot every tiny bit of the hair. 

Destress Quotient: 3.5 AAHs

Verdict: I liked the salon but wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. Maybe it’s just in its teething phase. Certainly not the best but not the worse also. 


Stylists name: Mufeed


Skin Service Review (Women): Skin Story, Bandra West

You know how I have sworn off facials right? I just give my face a good clean with my Clarisonic every night. But the brother’s wedding was coming and I thought I would give one a go. I had read about the Skin Story in another story and they are supposed to have artisanal facials, so I thought this would be the kind of place I should give a whirl. It looked like a nice place.It seemed like the kind of place where the lady doing my facial wouldn’t have fingers smelling of gobi or wasn’t auditioning for a role in a utensil cleaning equipment commercial and didn’t want to scrub my face off . So, this is the story of Skin Story.

The Space


The Skin Story is easily missable. It sits atop some shops and if you aren’t looking for it, you’ll probably drive past it a couple of times before you give up and ask for directions. It’s only appropriate that there’s a eye care place below it, because it can test your vision. Okay, I exaggerate. You’ll find it. And once you get in, it’s got a lovely vintage feel to it. The decor is minimal and the place is done up in white, well, mostly.


The Service


The space is really pretty. Niketa, the owner, takes calls personally for appointments and seems really sweet. I did cancel on them once but with all the wedding preps,  just didn’t have time to call them and tell them. This day, however, they did call and confirmed and that, as you know, is always a good thing. Niketa asks for you to be on time which I think is only fair. I was asked to fill up a detailed form for my skin which I always think it a great thing.


The Experience


Now, let’s get to the really good bits. Going to the Skin Story for a facial is like a spa experience. Seriously. No one is chatting over your head, there are no distractions and you are even provided a gown and slippers. It’s beautiful. You can choose from two ranges of facials- Rs. 1500 and Rs.2500- I went for the 1500 one. The difference is explained to you at the counter by Niketa- the Rs.1500 doesn’t include extraction of blackheads. But I was okay with that, at that point anyway.

I was lead away to a small room with robes and slippers that I could change into. Then, I was introduced to my therapist- a small, smiling lady called Atim. She then lead me to a room with glass walls on either side and a beautiful, plush and squeaky clean bed. She tucked me into the sheets and asked me to put my phone on silent. Then, Niketa consulted me on my skin issues and issued instructions to Atim.

After this, the entire experience was pure bliss. She cleaned, exfoliated and masked my skin,  using cold cloth and warm cloth, soft sponges and just the right amount of pressure for my massage. It was so good that all my fears about facials melted away. And that is an achievement of epic proportions.

When I stepped out, my face was calm and unirritated (it usually turns red after a facial) and I was ever so slightly disoriented, in a good way.

It’s a wrap

Salon: Skin Story, Bandra

Service availed: Facial

The wallet is lighter by : Rs 1725 

Get in touch: 1, Jasmin House, 1st floor, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 Call: 099674 86664

Brands used: Thalgo

Hygiene of salon and professional: Excellent. Super clean. 

Destress Quotient: 5 AAHs

Verdict: I loved the salon, I loved the space and most of all, I loved that I could trust them implicitly with my skin. Overall, a big thumbs up. 

Stylists name: Atim


I hired a Popular Makeup Artist from Mumbai and didn’t like her work. Here’s why.

So the big wedding in the family is over. My brother has been successfully attached to his hitherto girlfriend and they are well on their way to wedded bliss. If it can be called that. Anyway we hired (my sister in law and I) a popular Mumbai-based makeup artist who has some fabulous credentials to her name. We went over quite a few makeup artists’ work and liked her. Plus, she fit into the budget. Now, we asked this MUA to get a team with her to work on the other people- namely me, my mom, the two bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. She said she would get her ‘team’ with her. The makeup artist herself and an assistant would work on the bride, the other two people on the 5 of us. With the makeup artists sorted, we were happy. But things were to go downhill. And they did.

The makeup was blotchy, cracking and made me look years older. And I list for you here, the reasons this didn’t work out the way we intended.

I will mention here that she did do a decent job with the bride. It lacked finesse but a good job nonetheless.

  1. Her ‘team’ was a bunch of students


While this MUA pretended her team were professionally trained artists and stylists, they were not. In fact, they were students still getting the hang of makeup. This means they did a botched up job, were painfully slow and their makeup went horribly wrong. I did try and give them a chance with the 1st function – there were 4 -but decided to stop using them after the 1st function itself. I did use them for the wedding hoping they would do a better job. They didn’t.  They were horrible. We should’ve been informed that the people who were doing our makeup were students and if we were comfortable with it. Not just handed over to them as guinea pigs.

2. They looked unprofessional


Look, if you were going to put makeup on my face, I would like you to look like you give a damn about how you look. The MUA herself turned up early in the morning with her bra showing out of her top, her hair all over the place and looking sleepy. Yes, I know you’ve had an early morning flight but that’s no excuse. The students allotted to us were dressed in pyjamas and tshirts looking unwashed and unkempt when they were getting us dressed for the baraat the next morning.

3. They were ill equipped


I am not expecting that they use Hourglass cosmetics in their kit. I know those are expensive. But that your entire kit consists of Maybelline products is worrying. Their base colours were MAC and Bobbi Brown but that’s it. The rest of the products were all drugstore. The MUA had promised better products. The ‘team’ said they didn’t have hair accessories or bindis. You are coming to dress people for a wedding. Carry the basics!

4. They did a crap job


They didn’t get the base right for any of us. After a while, all the colour correction was starting to show and made us look strangely orange. They forgot to contour and highlight, placed the contour wrong on the face and didn’t even moisturise the face before starting the makeup. Simply put, they didn’t know what they were doing. They were taking 2 hours to get each of us dressed and that’s just stupid and unprofessional.

5. They didn’t know how to fix it



If I told them I wanted to a better contour, they got baffled. They couldn’t do a winged eyeliner, they couldn’t apply lashes properly. Basically, this MUA needs her head checked. Our makeup would crack if we smiled and I was so upset about how I looked at the wedding that I cried. I hate looking like I have a mask on and they did exactly that. After me telling them not to do that. And if I told them it looked bad, they wouldn’t know what to do. They just stood there stammering about how it looks fine.

I am not going to name this makeup artist because it seems like an agenda or a massive rant but please, let’s be careful about who we hire for ourselves. Oh btw, if you really want to know her name, please email me at and I will tell you who not to hire.


The Iba Halal Care Mini Haul

There’s a lot of things to be said about Halal products. Mostly, people don’t believe they are halal at all. But this brand, this brand has a certification. Of course, I did mostly find only skincare products and not much makeup, but that’s a start right?

So, this brand- Iba Halal Care- has been started by two women- non-Muslim, who quit their jobs to launch this beauty brand. The brand isn’t very popular yet but is definitely available online. And I spotted atleast a few stores in Gujarat. I did, of course, buy products from them and here’s my mini haul. Watch it here:


App + Salon Service Review: Timesaverz

I have been away and travelling to shop for my brother’s wedding which happens in September. Also, I was under the weather and covered with 4 blankets. Not fun.

I got an email from the people over at Timesaverz who said they wanted me to try out their beauty services to which I promptly agreed. Then, I had to leave town and unless the beauty lady came tagging along which would be slightly awkward, this would have to wait. So I decided to have the service later. And I did. Here’s my review of the app and the beauty services provided.

They gave me a Rs.1000 beauty voucher to use. I used the code they gave me in their app when I booked the appointment. I downloaded their app for to test things out.

So, before you say anything at all the app asks you where you live. And then you hope that your area is included in 294 places that it serves.


I made it through and went straight to the beauty services. I was recommended service that other people buy with this service but I cleverly dodged that bullet and didn’t click on anything I need. But also forgot I needed to thread my eyebrows which are now jutting out in random directions.


Then my appointment got book and I got a message confirming it got booked. Megha was assigned to me. When you book the appointment, you get only an option for 2 hours slots I wanted her to come at 11am but I had to choose the 10am-12 noon slot for that. So, yeah. As usual, I had to sign in, which was no fun. Give them a bunch of details like address and stuff. Also, if you are getting a beauty service today  (booked through the app) I am not going to take one tomorrow. Maybe take that into account before giving me app updates about a discount?

Beauty Service Review

I had booked a waxing and Destress combo- this one had a manicure, pedicure, head and back massage. Megha called me at 9am in the morning to confirm the appointment at which point I asked her to come by 11am. She said okay. She turned up in a Timesaverz Tshirt and things were looking good till then. That’s when it started going downhill. The wax was supposed to be flavoured (I paid for that) but it was not. She asked me for a newspaper to setup her stuff, she didn’t have any disposable sheets. She had nothing for me to change into. Her tools for the pedicure and manicure were dirty and unhygienic. Her massage was a maalish (alas! a good massage remains a distant dream) and she used the same towel to clean my hands as she did my legs and clean my nails. Then, she asked me to lay down on the same towel for a massage. Eww.


This was followed by her using the nail file ( this is the emery board side of a buffer, the number 1) on my nails and some part of it came off and went into my skin. I bled. She simply put her finger on it.

The worst bit was when the service was over, I was asked to pay her Rs.1247. I said i had a discount, she had no idea. So I had to call them, the customer service was clueless, then called me after 10 minutes saying it was okay and that I should pay only Rs.247. It was a sad note to end my service.


Verdict: All the services offered on the app are basic and do not cover all aspects of the service. The beauty service technicians suffer from lack of training as is usually the case. I wouldn’t recommend them. I would still turn to Myglamm for their beauty services. My review is here


Hair Service Review (Women): A’Kreations, Bandra

I am here with another review. Of a place that seems like it has been named by Ekta Kapoor or a particularly zealous fan of hers. I don’t know if you’ve have heard of this place but the name had been cropping up in various places I was seeing and I thought it was time the Damsel took note and wrote a review. Now, it’s in a pretty fabulous place- it’s housed in the same building as the legendary Nalini and Yasmin salon- and I was expcting fabulous things. I have so much to tell you. Grab some tea and let’s get on with the review.

The Space


Because it is this uber cool building, I was expecting it to be pretty spacious. It’s not. The space feels extremely cramped and their design adds to the feeling of tiny. The place is done up in tones of brown and deep brown but not all of it is pleasing to the eye. They have jammed the nail services, about 8 hair service stations and a lounge area into this space. The lounge area is a tricky spot because it’s located across the salon and most customers won’t know it’s there. Which basically means the staff uses it. It could be so much nicer if they let customers use it as well, there’s a big, giant window that looks out to the road!

The Service


I called them up and booked an appointment with Priyanka. She took the details and I asked for a junior stylist. I actually wanted to get the haircut for a friend of mine , because I just had a haircut. Remember this? . Anyway, we head there.  So we go there and they were pretty confused about us. They did accommodate us but I think they never took the appointment down. I know this because once Shreya was in her seat getting her tresses snipped into shape, they came over to ask me all the details like my number , name and stuff.

The Experience



The fact that they had taken an appointment but had forgotten or hadn’t noted it down was a bummer. However, the service got underway quite quickly and Shreya was ushered to the chair. She was attended to by Tenzing who didn’t look like he had made to it to the top of the Everest, so I don’t know. But, but, he did a fabulous job. He wasn’t chatty and the place itself didn’t exude warmth but that’s not a minus for him, per se. He did this interesting thing where he asked her to throw her head back on the chair so he could curl her hair. He also then asked her to toss her hair in the front so there was a lot of movement on that chair. We walked out quite happy. She loved her cut and has been getting compliments ever since. Maybe Tenzing should move to a nicer place? Any salon owners listening?



In a Snip

Salon: A’Kreations, Bandra

Service availed: Haircut

The wallet is lighter by : Rs1035 for Junior Stylist

Get in touch: 1st Floor, Sagar Fortune, Above Haagen Dazs, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 Call: 022 6599 9900

Brands used: L’Oreal, Moroccan Oil

Hygiene of salon and professional: Clean but cramped. The bottles of shampoo were placed haphazardly and the display had more products than it could handle. 

Destress Quotient: 2.5 AAHs

Verdict: I didn’t like the salon but Tenzing did a great job. So I would recommend the stylist but maybe not the salon? I am upping the Destress Quotient only because he did a good job. 

Stylists name: Tenzing