Every time someone mentions Ayurveda, it conjures up images of leaves and spices and deeply aromatic herbs. But it doesn’t have to be all oily massages and sticky remedies. Spa Ceylon is a brand that is putting luxury into this well-loved ancient science. While India is known for it’s heritage and knowledge of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka brings comes with its own wisdom of this science. The Spa Ceylon range (Ceylon was Sri Lanka’s name) brings age-old wisdom from the culture of the island to India. The brand comes with a legacy of over 50 years and aims to offer customers a lifestyle of indulgent and totally natural wellness. I met up with Sanjeev Mehta, Managing Director of Spa Ceylon (India) to spill the beans on how Ayurvedic products really work. And as it happens, you may be surprised to know the truth about some of the things you always believed.

Belief: Applying the product will give you instant results.

Truth: You will need patience

You have probably noticed that your skin doesn’t start glowing the minute you gulp that smoothie. And you don’t lose weight the next day when you gorge on salads. But you stick to it. It’s the same way with products that are formulated using natural products and Ayurvedic principles.

Sanjeev explains: Since everything we use is natural, the effect is something that becomes obvious over a period of time. It’s not ‘I have put it. Wow, it’s done.’ Unlike products using chemicals, you won’t get an instant fix. When you use any of our products, it’s something that takes longer than other quick fix solutions. You have to give it time and you will need to be patient.

Belief: There will be no side effects

Truth: Yes, since everything is natural, the side effects are almost nil

Spa Ceylon3

You know the feeling when you have an all important date or a presentation that could seal the deal and a pimple makes an appearance? That’s got to make you groan. Do you know that that pimple could be a result of a product you used? It could be a cream you applied or a foundation you bought. That won’t happen when you switch to good quality natural products.

Sanjeev explains: Spa Ceylon’s products are paraben and paraffin free. They are 100% vegetarian and alcohol free. This means that they have no side effects. This is the case with most Ayurvedic products that you won’t end up having other problems from using these products.

Belief: Ewww, I am going to smell

Truth: You won’t necessarily

Remember that time when you came out from an Ayurvedic massage smelling like you had done some – wrestling with some strong-smelling herbs? Yes, in round two, you may burn some nostrils with that strong fragrances. But you don’t really have to get into round two if the products don’t smell too strong and unappealing.

Sanjeev explains: People have this misconception that Ayurvedic products smell bad or have to smell bad. While we do have Ayurvedic formulations, we also infuse them with essential oils, so all our products smell lush and lovely. Nothing is smelly.

Belief: I am going to be sticky and that’s icky

Truth: Yes, oils can be rather slippery but there are solutions

Some of us come out of massages so sticky, we are worried, with valid reason, that things we touch will get attached to us forever. It’s like having the Midas touch but anything you touch becomes sticky as well. I wonder why power has no takers. I would be glued to it.  * greatly amuses self with pun *

Sanjeev explains: Spa Ceylon does have body massage oils that offer a range of benefits. As a rule, body massage oils will require you to shower or clean up after they have been used on your body. But we also have this concept of a massage balm, which is a unique product. The massage balm can be used and doesn’t have to be washed off. You can simply take it off with a warm towel. The massage balm gets absorbed into the skin.

Belief: I am doing good things for the earth

Truth: You absolutely are!

Spa Ceylon2

There’s something to be said about feeling good when going natural. It makes you feel a lot better about yourself. You certainly can be proud about being nice to Mother Nature and being less of a nuisance to future generations. Spa Ceylon products are just the good guys all around in this case.

Sanjeev explains: Besides feeling good about using natural products, you are also using products that are safe for the environment. We don’t use paraffin wax in our candles, it’s soya wax. Our products are not tested on animals which is also adds to feeling good about yourself. In fact, our Save the Ceylon Elephant range sends 10% of every sale we make into authorized programs to protect the elephants. We also promote sustainable harvesting and support community fair trade which means that all resources are used in a way that doesn’t deplete them and farmers get paid fair price for their produce.

PS: This post is sponsored by Spa Ceylon. Spa Ceylon store and products review coming up soon. 

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