If you’ve been watching enough TV, you would have spotted this guy who looks like he really needs a tailor and a shave telling you about how you can great hotel deals. When yu do finally manage to move your eyes away from the desperately-need-to-be-cut-to-length jeans, you discover that he’s talking about a website called Trivago where you can get very good deals on hotels.

You think, do I really need this? And this was obviously the question that was haunting me as well. Haunting maybe a rather strong word. I gave it a thought. And since I am headed off to enjoy a staycation next weekend, I decided to give Trivago a whirl. So, let’s do a step by step review, shall we?

Website Review

When you first come on the website, the place looks like Google. Now because I have been conditioned to have ads, copious amounts of content and slideshows on the landing page, I was a little taken aback with this clean interface. I mean, bombard me with information already. Kidding, this was very welcome. And I knew prices were going to be INR because it said so. Nice, I like .screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-11-57-50-am

Now, when you put in the place you want to book a hotel at, for me it was Mumbai, it gives you options within Mumbai. These options didn’t seem to based on one particular thing so it seemed rather random to me. Take a look. Is there a pattern I missed?


Once I chose Mumbai, I was given options of various hotels. At this point, they don’t know what dates I am looking at. But they gave me rates. I think these would be approximates. Once I key in the details- check in, check out and what kind of room, the search results changed.  On the left, I had options of filters I could use to refine my search.




The top filters on the left had stars, rating, price (so important), distance from city centre and other popular options like spa, beach, free wifi etc.


Most of the hotels had 3 price options displayed. This were from different websites: Hotels.com, otel.com , Booking.com, Cleartrip, Expedia etc. They had 3 lowest price options and a 4th and cheapest option was listed in big, bold on the right.


Since we wanted breakfast to be included, I put that in my search parameters. For us, Vivanta was looking good, so I clicked on the ‘View Deal’



Now here’s the glitch. The website says the deal is on Hotels.com and  I found the deal.



I was still generally browsing seeing if I could score a better deal and I spotted the Grand Hyatt. Can you see the ‘Free Breakfast’? Yeah, it was still chosen. When I went to the deal however, even in the same price range, it wasn’t included.  I am not sure what happened here. screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-12-24-06-pm

So it says the breakfast is part of the 27,250 rupees deal. When I was redirected, I was being shown rooms for much, much cheaper. That’s okay, because I assume that’s where it links to. Since this was two rooms, I calculated about Rs.13,000 per room and scrolled down. Even in this price point, the breakfast is not included! And you think, no, check the details. Nope, in the other rooms, this was mentioned clearly. But I have asked for a breakfast deal!


Once you are on the other website, you are left to your own devices to figure out the details and trivago goes out of the picture.

Here’s a quick analysis of the website.

The Good

  • It’s extremely handy to use. Knowing the prices on different website certainly makes it easier. Plus, it will even mention if the hotel’s website is offering a good deal
  • It’s quick and comprehensive covering almost all sorts of hotels and will alert with a small blurb if there’s a deal.

The Bad

  • I don’t know if it lists websites that have not come on board with it. For example, there was no makemytrip and I know that the app offers some really good deals, so yeah.
  • The filters should work. If I ask for a room with breakfast, please show me one with that.

The Ugly

  • All the prices here are without taxes and when you finally add up things, it adds a decent amount to your total. For example, see this.


Verdict: Overall, I think it’s a great idea to have a website where you can find all the deals you could possibly need on all the hotels. But like I said, if the website isn’t working with them, do they still include those? Hmm. 

Destress Quotient: 4.5 AAHs




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