So this salon at home service is really catching up, huh? There’s MyGlamm,, LocalOye and a bunch of others who bombard our Facebook timelines promising you some me time. The truth is at home salon services involve ushering family members out of the house, getting your maid to stop asking you inane questions and cleaning up your room so the service person doesn’t judge you. Anyhow, I was very interested in what Urban Clap had to offer so I went ahead and downloaded their app. Actually, I first tried not downloading their app and just going to their website. I could browse the website from my phone but not from my desktop. So then, suitably chastened, I went to Google Store and read the reviews. They didn’t say the app was crap or made the phone slow or caused my beloved phone to do its own thing, so I installed it. Here’s how the experience of that was.


Once you download Urban Clap, you can choose from a bunch of services. There’s salons (only for women right now), cleaning, repair and other categories, so take your pick.


I obviously went for the salon services. They gave me some cheap options and I wanted to not pick a package so I went for individual services.


I picked a facial and a threading service which didn’t amount to much. Except that typo. That was funny.


They asked me when and where I wanted the service, so I put in the details.


I got super excited and then they asked me to stop being such a miser, subtly of course. I went back and picked a package.


I had to sign in. I hate that. But I had to. And they asked me for my number also. They later messaged me when I made the booking and when someone responded to the booking.


That Rs.500 discount they were teasing me with? Yeah, only on Paytm. Unfair, I say.


I made the booking. A lady responded. She had a 4-star rating, so I assumed she was good. Also, once someone responds,  I don’t know if anyone else providing the same service can also respond. It limits your choice if you don’t have 2-3 people who want to do the service for you.

Salon Service Review

I chose a Rs.1500 service as you can see and Pushpa Badgujar chose to give me the service. In many ways, this puts the control entirely in the professional’s hands and not the customers’ which is a downer. I assume at this point that Urban Clap doesn not whet the professionals registered with them for skills or experience. I say this because my ‘professional’ salon lady was carrying all her equipment in a large, blue plastic bag. She could have had a kidnapped child in there. She also seemed extremely nosy and intrusive and asked about everyone in my family, my extended family and even my neighbours –but they deserve that. Haha. Kidding. Not.

Her services were average to say the least and nothing to write home about. The massage was just an oil application with no real talent and the facial equipment looked unclean. I would suggest sticking to MyGlamm for at home beauty services because as the guy who came in told me, they are all stationed at the MyGlamm office in Lower Parel till they get a call. Here they get trained in all aspects and that difference showed. You can read my review of MyGlamm here.

Verdict: You could download UrbanClap to check it out for other services but for the home salon one, you can give it a miss. Your neighbourhood beautician will do just fine. I must bring up the fact that any problems that people complained about on the Google Store were responded to by the company, which is good.

Destress Quotient: 3 AAHs (?)

Update: After the brand read this review (have a look at the comments), they did get in touch with me. They sent over two women to give me a complimentary massage. While these women appeared much more professional and clean, the massage was average. I think  in home services, I might just need to readjust my expectations from a massage. These are what we call a ‘maalish’ and I shouldn’t expect more, I guess? What do you think?


  1. Hey, thanks for taking the time to review UrbanClap. I am Varun, co-founder of UrbanClap. I am apologetic that the service was not upto expectations. We will take actions to avoid this in the future and would like a chance to make it up to you. Could you let me know your email so I can locate your booking and also get in touch with you directly?

  2. Hi Varun.
    I hired a web developer from your website.
    Freesiamedia. It was my 1st experience with urban clap and surely the worst. Also your team didnt help me through it.
    My budget was 10k n we got this develper at 8k. One of your team member Mr Pulkit told me again n again that as it was a low budget thing, so he has designed it accordingly !!! Evry1 has to see their budgets.
    The developer gave me false commitments and I have mails and chats to prove that. The website was so bad and untidy as if some kid has made it. It was so unprofeesional !!!
    My email id is
    Hope to get a respnse from you so that I can discuss this further.

  3. I booked beauty services for me and my sister. They came an hour late..were not at all good, used local products, with poor services.. too bad an experience wud never go for you guys ever again..try improving

  4. Hi
    Reading above feedback and reviews on the app. I have canceled the request. Though i genuinely wish to try but not to sure now.
    Tnx Shalu

  5. Urban clap salon services suck. They don’t have enough professionals to complete the service. The ones who do make it are pathetic.

    1. Hello Alifia,

      I am varun, co-founder of Urbanclap.

      I regret your poor experience with the beauty service. Can you write to me on varunkhaitan[AT] with your phone number? I will speak to you personally and do my best.


  6. Mr Khaitan, just saying ‘sorry’ does not get you customer or return customer, leave alone sustaining a business, you know that better as an entrepreneur.

    First I took your service for carpentry – the job was done but needed a small faucet replaced in the bathroom. The carpenter brought it saying it cost ₹350. Fortunately it was faulty and had to be returned. I got the same material for ₹150!

    Next time, they did not turn up and did not inform. Came the following day.

    The salon service, first time we had to wait over night. Agan yesterday, we waited from 6 pm until (as the time slot was agreed upon). Consistently, we had to chase, the cc said “she is at your place….” this is not only a communication gap between Pavithra and the CC which she tried to cover up with a lie! We finally cancelled the appointment at around 7.30 pm

    People do not have the time to sit around and be at the mercy of nonprofessionals. Remember, there are other competitors in the market and we have already switched over.

  7. I wanted to opt bathroom cleaning service from UrbanClap as other customers i am equally excited about the service. However, punctuality, great customer reviews, high quality service, reliable staff matters a lot knowing that you ate paying 4 times the price. I will look forward to see great reviews coming up to opt for service. All the best Urban Clap

  8. these people are fake..they take your money and the service is provided as per thr wish and will. then they will introduce terms and conditions and say we are sorry. i lost my 12000. i will suggest please do not take thr services. they will just say sorry. i am calling since 8 days they said we are sorry and we will scold the service provider for fooling you and we are sorry. that is it. please do not take their services

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