Makeup Revolution London has been this underrated brand that has quietly snuck up on us. We were sitting here gathering money by selling our kidneys to buy makeup and suddenly, this new kid on the block comes around. It was cheaper. Much , much cheaper and had very good products. Well, atleast some of them were very good products.  Their blush palette in Golden Sugar ? OMG. I gush about it here:

So when I got a message on Tuesday about them opening up a physical store, I lost my marbles. I was like, yeah baby, bring it on. I got a message about how they were inviting me to the exclusive launch of their flagship store. I was excited. I replied to that message saying I was in and that I would want to take videos and pictures and all that. When there was silence from the other end, I called the number and made conversation about me wanting to be there. A sleepy lady told me ,’Great, she would see me there’ and that I should send her the details of my blog (I did).

Opening Day


The message said the store opened at 11am but I know no one gets there on time so I got there by about 12. What I didn’t know was that it wouldn’t just be no one getting there on time, there would be no one at all. Yep, not a single other person- blogger, shopper- or otherwise was there for the opening. When I walked into the store, I met some very surprised people who looked utterly confused about my presence. Now, I got confused and wondered if I had really been invited. Anyway, a sweet lady called Amelia (from London) took charge and was really nice about the whole thing. However, nothing could save us from the funny turn things were about to take.

Amelia started showing me products from Makeup Revolution, told me not all of them were there and all that. Now, I was almost done but I got distracted by the LA Girl counter which also had their foundations. So, of course, I started browsing. At this point, there are several men in the store not assigned with any particular task. In the midst of Amelia showing me the products, the door opens and 2 hijras walk in clapping loudly. Amelia tries to ignore them and continues talking to me.


Chaos ensues. The hijras are clapping demanding some money. Amelia is talking about eyeliners. I am trying to maintain a straight face about the on goings. The men, who till now were strolling around the store, start talking loudly to the hijras negotiating with them. Amelia powers on. One hijra removes her saree, exposing her bosom. Amelia shows me a copper liner. Hijra puts on pallu, pulls up saree, demands to see owner. Amelia shows me a green liner. I mouth ‘Huh?’ to Amelia because I  can’t hear a word. Dramatic Hijra (you can see her in the right of the store in the first picture) one is now touching a man’s face and cursing him. No one wants to take this outside. Amelia shows me lipstick. Saree is off the bosom again. Now the negotiating men ask hijras to take some makeup. Amelia tries to show me a matte colour. Dramatic Hijra picks up lashes and calls it mascara, the men tell her it’s not mascara. Amelia is now playing a round of charades with me. After much shouting and revealing of body parts, the hijras leave, I can’t hear, Amelia is an expert at charades and the men are jobless, again.

I buy all my products because they didn’t think my effort was worth them shelling out a few products .I don’t expect freebies but if you are expecting coverage, the least you can do is offer something. I didn’t think much of this brand and this store. I would go there to test out the products in real life and then buy from Nykaa. My point, don’t send out messages inviting people and if they call you, pass on the message. Don’t call if you aren’t ready.

The store is next to Shopper’s Stop on Linking Road in Bandra. And I checked, I was invited.


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