Some people love facials. You know because someone is massaging their face, applying a mask and they tend of feel very pampered. Then there are people like me who are extremely restless and not fans of people touching their face. When I go for a facial, many things happen. One, I wonder what the people who are doing the facial think of my face, then I tend to get some or the other product into my eyes so both the therapist and I spend several minutes trying to clean my eyes. Third, I tend to get bored with the mask on my face so I remove the cotton pads from my eyes and start reading my phone. I quickly put the pads on my eyes when I hear the therapist returning because I don’t want them to think I cheated.

Despite this and also due to the fact that I have a blog where I must do reviews, I decided to go in for a facial at Kaya Skin Clinic. Now, I obviously go to a branch closest to home so I got in touch with the Powai branch and booked an appointment but could not make it. I then went to R City and booked an appointment for Monday on a Thursday. They already had my information from the Powai booking so that was done quickly. On the Thursday, I was offered an Apple Cinnamon Cold Tea because they thought I was going in for the service right then. I say this because when I went for the actual appointment on Monday, they didn’t offer it to me. Anyway, let’s get into the complete review, shall we?

The Space

This Kaya Skin Clinic is located in a mall, R City to be precise, The place is airy and open with a display of all the brands products. Since this outlet isn’t very old, the space outside was clean and shiny for the most part. The reception is at the corner where an enthusiastic man tries to upsell you to more expensive facials.

The Service

The service of this outlet is very questionable. They take an appointment and don’t bother calling you at the time to check if you are coming in. They don’t seem particularly busy on most days so this is just lax on their part. And Kaya, if you are listening, don’t let the first interaction with the customer be about selling them a facial that costs upwards of Rs.4000.

The Experience

Kaya Skin Clinic1

Once I reached the place on Monday (I was late and they didn’t care), I was offered no tea. I asked for water which was given in a glass. Surely they can afford to keep bottles? Anyway, there was some squabbling over who would do my facial which they tried to be quite about but weren’t. Since they are mostly about skincare, I assumed they would look at my skin first and then recommend a facial. No such luck. They kept trying to sell me a whitening facial (I don’t want whitening) and I was getting quite annoyed by that. I chose a Kaya Hydrate and Restore Facial which was for Rs.2300 which deflated the man at the reception.

For a brand that I associate with premium skin care, the entire process was quite sad. After I sat at the reception for 20 minutes, I was ushered inside the clinic. On the right was a room where a lady sat on a chair and was taking an afternoon siesta. The room smelled of food – an instant turn off. Instead of a room with a bed, I was taken to a space with a lounger. Blinds were drawn around the place so it seemed private but you could hear any activity that took place around the mall and the next room. Anyway, the back (of the chair) was lowered and the lady started the ritual. She first applied a cleanser to my skin, then proceeded to give me several massages (I couldn’t tell which one was the cleaning, the hydrating for what not because she kept moving the product into the skin. She them applied a serum that she worked into my skin. This was followed by what was called an MDA machine and while it sounds clinical it’s basically a mircodermabrasion device. My blackheads were then removed (No steam was used) and then a cream was applied which she gave me a massage with. Then, a mask was slathered onto my skin (with hand, please, it should be done with a brush).

That’s a wrap

Salon: Kaya Skin Clinic

Service availed: Hydrate and Restore Facial 

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.2300 inclusive of all taxes

Get in touch: Shop No.24, R City Mall, 2nd Floor, Lal Bahadur Shastri Road, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086. Call: 022 6556 8981

Brands used: Company’s own

Hygiene of salon and professional: Very average as you can see from the pictures. The lady left tissues all over the place. She was, however, wearing a mask during the treatment which was good. 

Destress Quotient: 1.0 AAHs

Verdict: Post the service, I got tiny bumps on my skin which I don’t usually get after a facial. I also didn’t notice any particular glow. Your neighbourhood salon is probably better for a facial. Or perhaps a longer treatment schedule is needed? Anyway, it doesn’t come highly recommended at all. 


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