If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, well thank you. But also you now know that I have taken it upon myself to try out any doorstep salon service out there. Which basically means that if any salon service has advertised its services using stock images on Facebook, I have taken them up on the challenge expecting my hands to look like those foreigner hands they’ve used. Obviously, I have had to readjust expectations because while they can give me decent manicures, they apparently, don’t do surgery. So, after being bombarded by Belita ads, I went to their website and booked an appointment. And here’s how that went.

The Space

As usual, at home so the space isn’t going to get reviewed.

The Service

I booked the service through their website. They didn’t force me to download their app but they did gently suggest they had offers there I might be interested in. I booked a waxing and threading appointment and because I love them, I threw in a head massage as well. I was then asked for details of where I live, which date I want the service and the time I wanted it. In the end, I was told, I will be called for a confirmation. I didn’t hear from them so I didn’t know if my appointment was actually happening or not. And since my eyebrow hair was all over the place I even made a few calls on the morning of the appointment to get my services done. At 15 minutes to 11, (I had booked a 11am appointment) a lady called saying she was from Belita and she was on her way and I should give her the address. I gave it to her.

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The Experience

Sharda came in by about 11:10 which was fine though I would prefer it if they arrive on time. She came in alone and while everything was nicely tucked away in a bag, she kind of just dragged it over the steps which was funny to me. Anyway, she started with the waxing services, scooping out the wax from the container into the pot with her hands. Which was unhygienic , so icky man. Moving on. She then asked me for a towel- which she should ideally have had with her. She then tossed this hand towel anywhere. Waxing was quick but she seemed eager to finish off which made me think the job would be sloppy but it was quite good. Then, she got down to the threading and that was horrid. She wanted to finish off quick and for some reason, this part was the one she wanted to do the quickest. She left minor bruises around my brows which burned when I washed my face. The head massage was next. She did this quite well.


That’s a wrap

Salon: Belita Salon

Service availed: Eyebrows-threading, Upper Lips- waxing, Underarms – waxing, head massage, Half Leg- waxing

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1120 inclusive of all taxes . Apparently they charged me 40 rupees extras.

Get in touch: www.belitaindia.com 

Brands used: No idea, nothing was shared. 

Hygiene of salon and professional: Not very good. Sharda had a gnarled nail, she tossed cotton on the floor and she left all the stuff she had used by the sink – didn’t even dispose it off. 

Destress Quotient: 1.0 AAHs 

Verdict: I wouldn’t recommend Belita. They have been around for much longer than the other services but have serious quality issues. This is a neighbourhood aunty type service under the guise of a an organised beauty service. 

Therapist’s names: Sharda


  1. Sad to see that this Brand didn’t keep up their promise. I too have had issues with one such doorstep salon service Brand. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion!
    Style.. A Pastiche! – styleapastiche. com – Diwali OOTD

  2. I am not sure what you gain by revealing the names of the technicians. Most of them work for below poverty wages. You know this will leave them more exposed and vulnerable to being fired by callous business owners who are attempting to save face by making people like you happy. I also think it’s disgusting you are pointing out personal details on their appearance like toe infections etc. How does this affect you personally? This is in pretty poor taste I am afraid. Not the best precedent to set.

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