Guys, my feet are starting to look like they belong to someone else. Possibly, an ogre. I had this ugly whitish skin along the heel, due to lack of moisturization but really, not cool. And also my nails were growing in different directions and basically doing their own thing. I also have a friend who has hands (lucky her) that needed some TLC. So we headed to the part of town with much swag- Bandra.

Bandra has a lot of salons. I assume this is because it’s where the hairy people with lots of beauty issues live. I mean they have more salons per capita than people. I may be exaggerating here a little bit. I did a lot of searching on the internet for good nail salons and Google kept leading me astray by throwing up results of places that do nail art. I just wanted a damn good nail service. Anyhoo, we settled on Saks Hair and Beauty.

The Space


Saks Hair and Beauty comes from the UK or so they will have to believe though you can’t see much of an influence here. The salon was earlier located on Waterfield Road in Bandra but they’ve now shifted to Turner Road. The new place is pretty, spacious and done up mostly in white. There’s a reception with a glass panel in the back where you can see what’s going on in the hair section. It’s not very big, the salon. The right side of the reception has an enclosed area which is where I assume they do the facials and waxing treatments.

The Service

I had asked for a pedicure and a manicure for my friend. We reached the salon approximately 5 minutes late but they didn’t call which is not good. Always call to confirm if a client is coming; this serves two purposes. One, you know if the client is around and how long they are going to take so you can use your resources more effectively. Two, the client feels like it’s a busy salon and their business is important to you. Even if the salon isn’t busy, impressions are everything.

Dolly who answered the phone when I called to make a booking sounded smart and spoke in nice, casual tone sounding friendly and fun. Makes for a good first impression.

The Experience

Once there, Dolly was actually at the reception and remembered who I was from booking the appointment which is a great way to build rapport. I had received an SMS earlier confirming my appointment. Anyway, we were asked to be seated and a feedback form was handed to us. I was confused because I didn’t know what I was giving feedback for, I hadn’t even experienced the service yet. Dolly said I just had to fill in my details and the feedback would be taken after the service. I filled in the deets. Oh and I did fill in the rest of the form later.  Two minutes later, Prem came along. No, before you ask, it was not Salman Khan. He was going to be doing my pedicure. My friend just hung around at the manicure station with no one giving her much attention. Mary turned up a few minutes later to attend to her.


When I asked for the prices on the phone, Dolly mentioned it was Rs.550 for manicure and Rs.750 for a pedicure (taxes extra) and also that I would get a 20% discount because it was a new salon. I received the SMS after this and assumed the prices she told me were for a deluxe nail service.

Once I sat down, the pedicure tub was filled with warm water and my polish was removed. I was then asked to soak my feet. This was followed by cuticle pushing, cuticle cutting and basic buffing. Prem then asked me if I wanted to drink something. I settled for Green Tea.


He then proceeded to ask me what pedicure I wanted. I asked him the options. A basic pedicure or what they call the Express Pedicure has basic filing, cleaning but no scrub or massage. The deluxe one has both of these and the spa has some more fancy things. I asked for a basic pedicure. He then went on to scrub my feet with a foot file, applied some massage cream and washed my feet. Then, he applied polish but it wasn’t a job well done. He also tried to upsell me to packages which I wasn’t going to buy. Overall, it was a disappointing experience. It was the same case for my friend’s manicure but atleast Mary didn’t try to sell her a package. But she applied lotion to her hands and then washed it off her fingers so they felt kind of dry. Also, she wasn’t asked to pay the bill before applying polish which I thought was standard.

For the prices they charge and the kind of vibe they are trying to give, the aren’t doing a very good job.

In a jiffy

Salon: Saks Hair and Beauty, Bandra

Service availed: Pedicure for me and a manicure for my friend

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1185. Because this salon is new, they are offering a 20% discount. 

Get in touch: 893, Notan Chambers, Turner Road, Above Yes Bank, Bandra West, Mumbai -50. Call: 022-2641 4243

Brands used: Nubar for the nail services which is a decent brand. However, if you are going to say ‘Me Bath Pedicure’, you would do well to actually use that brand’s products. 

Hygiene of salon and professional: Average. It’s new and their towels are fading and have fraying ends. Not good at all. Their tools are not sterilised and that is a big no no. They also used the pedicure cream for the manicure which is just so blah. 

Destress Quotient: 1.5 AAHs

Verdict: Saks fails miserably on all counts in providing superior nail services. The service, the hygiene and even the finishing is average at best. Does not come recommended. Also, i spotted a pedicure chair hidden away from the chaos and I was given one with everything stacked behind it. Not good. 

Stylists name: Prem for pedicure and Mary for the manicure.

Update: After the salon read this review, I was invited to try out a complimentary pedicure. This was a deluxe pedicure which was done with much more efficiency, cleaner sterilised tools and  I ended up with much nicer, cleaner feet which also smelled good. The process was also nice and pampering. I suggest throwing in a few extra bucks and going for this one instead. It comes at Rs.1100-1500. It does make the wallet much, much lighter. 


  1. Hello.
    Im so sorry that we fell short of your expectations on this occasion.
    This is not acceptable in any way. I am Personally upset at the service you have received as we, as a brand pride ourselves on our high standards and commitment to International standards. Please be assured that we have taken all your comments very seriously and are looking into why we fell so short on your visit.
    All the areas that you have mentioned are being addressed and rectified.
    we would love the opportunity to show you how much we care about our brand and standards of customer service, and also for you to experience the Saks Brand at its best.
    Please accept a Complimentary Pedicure at your convenience by way of an apology and also to give us the opportunity to rectify our mistakes.
    Please drop me a mail on to arrange this for you
    Kind regards Stewart
    Creative Director
    Saks India

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