There are a lot of salons out there. You know, your neighbourhood salon, the fancy salon and a salon that’s around the corner and basically where your mum goes. Now, with the many apps, there are many salons in here as well. By in here, I mean, in your house. There are many apps willing for you to click on their service and they will send their ladies along to clean you up good. And this can go many ways but experimenting isn’t always fun. You already know how I am not a big fan of home services. (?)


Recently, I was invited to an event where I got a hand massage and because I was greedy, I went for round two and got some polish as well. At the event, the Powai-based startup introduced us to their latest service – Myyra – a beauty on call service. I invited them over for a review and here’s how that went.


My home – amazing if you must know but I am not going to review it.


Right now, Myyra is only available to the people of Powai but they should be going pan-Mumbai pretty soon. I didn’t book the service, I simply called up the people at the event and they agreed to send someone over to my place (I live in Ghatkopar) even when it was out of their service zone which I think was pretty nice of them. But they did ask me to have a look at the Taskbob app – that’s where Myyra is hosted right now- and though I was able to choose my box easily (they have services in boxes and you cannot choose individual services right now), I wasn’t able to avail of the discount. I did get it later though.

The girls – there were 2 of them – were a little late but they called me and informed me in time so I wasn’t sitting around and twiddling my thumbs. When they arrived, the girls were in a clean uniform (yay- a Taskbob uniform though) and even had clean shoes (super yay).


Once I directed them to where I wanted the service, they set up their equipment for the Classic Box service which includes a Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure. When I entered the room again, they had put a disposable towel where I was going to sit on the bed and one the floor and had arranged all the products and equipment on it, neatly. This was all neatly packed in Taskbob bags. Once set up, we started the service. The girls asked me if I wanted to go with a cooling pedicure or a sauna pedicure. It was alarmingly hot so obviously I went with the cooling one. The products were from a company called Sara that I hadn’t heard of.


For the pedicure, they actually brought along a Scholl foot bath- the one with bubbles and soft vibrations and everything. So, the obvious question was, are they going to send me to heat the water? No! They bought a kettle along and nice, clean one at that. The two girls also wore masks and aprons during the service (much yay).


Then, because this was a spa nail service here’s what they did – took off polish, put a sachet of pedicure/manicure soak in the water, then took out the limb (hand or foot) from water, pushed cuticles, cleaned nails, cut cuticles, applied a second sachet that had a gel on the leg, took this off, applied 3rd sachet which had a scrub, took this off then the 4th sachet which had a massage cream and I got a massage and then the 5th sachet which was a mask- which they applied and waited for 10 minutes. Phew, long sentence.

Anyway, they then applied polish and patiently waited till it dried out.

Overall, in all the home services I have experienced, Myyra was the best. I would only compare Myyra to Myglamm as Taskbob is not an aggregator of services which means that actually put in effort to train their staff.


That’s a wrap

Salon: Myyra from Taskbob – App based

Service availed: Classic Box which had a Spa Manicure and Pedicure

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1000 inclusive of all taxes (I paid only 500 because I got a 50% discount)

Get in touch: Download the Taskbob app and change your region to Powai, you should be able to see this. Please confirm if they will be able to provide your service in your area.

Brands used: Sara, Scholl, Bourjois, Sally Hansen, Faces

Hygiene of salon and professional: Excellent. Their uniform was clean, their nails were clean and all the products looked unused. I must point out at this point that though it may seem like Sara is a not so great brand,all the products come in an individual sachet so no tubs which makes it super hygienic. 

Destress Quotient: 4.5 AAHs

Verdict: Lovely service done by well-trained professionals. They even spoke to each other with respect and didn’t chatter through the service – something I find very annoying. Their polishes could use a revamp but I have pointed that out to the owner so it should happen quick. 

Therapist’s names: Reshma and Nutan


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