Dessange is the kind of name you don’t pronounce. You call them, listen to how they pronounce it and then use that. The French, I tell you. Anyway, I have been picking salons of repute to review and this was no exception. Dessange Paris happens to be the official partner of the Cannes and so I thought, I couldn’t go wrong here. They are known for their hair services but since my nails could do with some TLC so I booked an appointment for a mani-pedi at their Bandra branch.

The Space


Occupying the entire ground floor of a building, this salon is huge. They have made great use of the space with multi-tier stations for nails, hair and skin services. This is also confusing and you may find hapless customers consulting maps to find their way around. I wait at the reception after which I am lead to the room which looks like a loft to the pedicure area. Here, there are two chairs and a nail bar at the behind these. There’s a TV here as well.

The Service

My pedicure starts first. After taking of the polish, my nails are cut and filed. I like my toenails a little long so I asked them to file them and also keep them squarish. Next, they are buffed and cuticle cream is applied to the toenails. I am then asked to dip them in warm water. During this time, I am offered juices from Raw Pressery and I choose one. This is a great touch.

For my manicure, my nails are filed into shape (I asked him not to cut them) and buffed. I am then asked to dip my talons into a bowl. Back to my feet- my feet are pulled out, patted dry and Nilesh, my pedicurist attempts to slough off dead skin. Since I have enough dead skin to start a skin cemetery, he has to be at this for a while. Meanwhile, my manicurist – Vishal- pushes my cuticles back, cuts them, cleans the insides of my nails and gives me a massage.

Here’s an insider tip. When your pedicurist is taking off dead skin from the soles, he should ask you to touch the heel and the foot once he’s done. Check if it’s soft enough for you or ask him to work harder. And don’t fall for the ‘scrub’ pitch here. They will usually try to upsell you to a fancier pedicure to get your to release your purse strings. Be smarter than that! Let him work a little harder.

Nilesh follows the same process – pushes cuticles back, cuts them, cleans nails and gives me a massage. They can be a little harsh with the cleaning of the nails and it can hurt. Ask your nail technician to be careful. I had to tell Vishal (hands) to be a little less aggressive. On the toes, sometimes it hurts on the sides of the nails because of hard skin. A good pedicurist will remove this skin. My pedicurist did this.

The Experience

Overall, while the ambience was great and the facilities were all there, the technicians seemed uninterested and looked like they couldn’t wait for the service to get over so they could get back to whatever it was they were doing. A major minus point. The constant chatting with each other is also annoying to a customer. Salons, please hear me out with this. Teach your nail technicians to put polish properly. None, I repeat, none is supposed to touch the skin. The method of cleaning away the extra bit with their nail is ancient and needs to be done away with! After applying polish, most salons will wait for it to try out and help the client with wearing their footwear. My technicians were nowhere to be seen while I struggled to put my sexy flats on. If your nail polish gets spoilt at this time, it means another half an hour of redoing everything and I hate that. Now, get this. I start to walk down the stairs to pay for my services and the entire salon floor has water and soap and there are men on all fours scrubbing it. I assumed I had walked onto a set in which they were shooting the male version of Cinderella but they were not. Appalling! Please wait till there are no clients in the salon or just do it later.


In a jiffy 

Salon: Dessange Paris, Bandra ( They have an outlet in Kemps Corner and Juhu as well)

 Service availed: Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure

 The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1350 inclusive of taxes

 Get in touch: Dessange Salon & Spa, Bandra, Coral Apartments, Opp. St. Theresa Church, 24th Road,Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050. Call: 022 2600 0170

 Brands used: Essie and Nubar

 Hygiene of salon and professional: Clean except for the part where I saw people scrubbing which was extremely worrying

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  1. Booked an appointment for manicure pedicure .. The Mani pedi was fine . I found the technicians to be disinterested too . Nail polish quality was not good. Any local parlour will have better polish .Definitely not worth 1600 /-

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