So over this weekend, we hit the luxurious Vivanta By Taj for a staycation with the girls. Which was amazing. We had so much fun. I also learnt, over this weekend, that day drinking is amazing. Shopping after day drinking is even more fun. It involves a couple of very confusing purchases and a lot of maintaining of balance but nothing you can’t handle. We 4 ladies headed to Taj pretty early, their check in is at 2pm but we couldn’t wait to get this party started. Now, I had called the previous day, Friday to confirm my early check in (I had asked for between 10am and 11am) and also if they could do something for my friend who is getting married. They said they could do something with flowers and a cake. I was really excited. I had spoken to Deval who was headed for a vacation but I was sure the Taj would have a way they communicate such requests internally. Now, let’s get right to the review.

The entrance, front desk and welcome letter.


We had mentioned an early check in but because we are hungry people, we stopped to get some lunch and only reached the hotel at 12:30. At the front desk, Rishab was there to assist us. He told us the rooms were not ready but said we could grab something to drink at Trattoria which would be complimentary. We were offered a welcome drink the last time we had stayed here. There was nothing there this time.

Check in

At check in, since the booking was in my name, the papers were all drawn up in my name as well. We were also asked for IDs. Pan Cards don’t work and everyone who’s staying has to give an ID. I was also made to sign a paper and given a welcome letter.

The Rooms

The room decor was pretty. We got that stain on the wall complimentary

We had booked two rooms. At 2pm, we were finally given the keys to one of the rooms. We were told that we couldn’t be given adjacent rooms, or connecting rooms and pretty much all we could get were rooms on the same floor. This was a bit of a downer but we decided it was okay. While handing me the keys Rishab mentioned that the cake, flowers and the arrangements had been made in the room. When were entered, however, there was a small flower rangoli and nothing else. Of course, we mentioned this to them over the phone a couple of times. We probably called about 4 times each time asking if the other room was ready, that the cake wasn’t there etc. etc. No one called back to check if things were okay.

At about 3pm, finally quite annoyed at being ignored like this, we went down to the front desk to tell them this was rubbish. Rishab had no idea the cake wasn’t there and looked quite baffled. Ankita, the Assistant Manager, stepped in and said she would turn this around give us rooms next to each other and would shift us to another floor and that we should wait for only 20 minutes.


At 4:30, we went down again. We decided to go shopping at the Causeway. Our rooms were still not given to us. As we were headed out, the keys were handed to us. We asked them to keep it and that we would return later to collect them. When we came back, they had put fruits, cake (delicious) , wine and cookies on the table. The rooms were also next to each other.


The bathrooms were average as well. Nothing to write home about. They did have cheeky copy on their toiletries though. That was cute.




Now one of the reasons of a stay is a fabulous breakfast and having stayed here before, we knew the breakfast spread was yum. Maybe we were just having a bad stay but breakfast turned out to be a very sub-par affair. They rVerdan out of several things in the buffet, people were constantly asking them for refills and even sugar took a while to come to the table. This is a Sunday breakfast. I am sure they expected plenty of people to come in.

As for us, we were getting a workout in during breakfast by flailing our arms to get somebody’s attention.We had ordered a dosa which had gone missing for almost a full 45 minutes. Overall, breakfast turned out to be a meh affair.




I have stayed at this property before and on a weekend as well. However, while last time the experience was fantastic, this time, it fell extremely short. At every step, there were hiccups. Worse still, there was no effort from their end to make up for the glitches we had faced. Overall, a disappointing experience. And even with the promises to turn things around, nothing seemed forthcoming.

This on the left is the view from the ocean view room. And you are allowed to pick your pillows, which I would have if I wasn’t, well, so happy by the time I was back.

Go for: Well, this time, I can’t strongly recommend anything

Don’t go for: The service or the Sunday breakfast

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.21031 for 2 rooms for 1 night. Inclusive of taxes. By the way, this was more than the amount mentioned on when we booked but apparently the meal plan has some extra taxes. 





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