The other day I was sitting around and thinking about world peace and other important things. Haha. Not really. I was basically spread out on the couch thinking, I want really good food for lunch. Then, I was like, but I am going to be heathy and order salad. Of course, that plan went downhill pretty quickly. So then I settled for a yum lunch the next day. And I downloaded HolaChef – the app.

And here’s how that went.


HolaChef asks for your pincode as soon as you log in. This is because (I assume) they give you food that is made by chefs in your area. You can book a meal for the same day or for the next. You get discount for booking it earlier to I grabbed that opportunity quite quickly.


You can choose which meal – lunch, dinner or flavours (because other meals come without flavours) but the times are clearly mentioned. There’s a lot of variety available. You can choose from set meals – parathas and curries, rice and curries – or build your own by choosing one dish then adding on drinks etc.


If you aren’t too hungry, you can choose smaller meals. There are desserts as well. The dishes are priced quite reasonably for the most.


Just a general overview of what else I could see. I am thorough like that.


I chose the meal and was asked when I would like it delivered. I chose the time.


I was then asked for the details of my address.


And then, a final confirmation. I had ordered a meal worth Rs.150 but the coupon code gave me a 20% discount so I ended up only having to pay Rs.120. You can also choose how you want to pay which is always a good thing when you don’t trust the app, I mean, just yet.


Also, reading the reviews of the app can scare you a little. Little or no access to customer service and practically no replies by the company to pacify irate customers. It does not look good, Holachef.

Food Quality Review

As you can see, I had asked for the food to be delivered between 1pm-2pm. I was on a call and I got a missed call from a number. I did not call back, as is normal. A few minutes after 2, I tweeted to the people at HolaChef who responded on Twitter asking me the order number. I was told my order was dispatched. I then got a call from their team where a lady asked if I had received my order, I said I hadn’t. A few minutes later, she called me back saying the guy was looking for my place and would call me. The delivery guy (same missed call number from earlier) asked me for directions and I gave it to him. The food came home. Why ask the delivery guy to give customers a missed call? Just call them. And please, don’t tell me he was bouncing around my area without being able to locate my place.

The food was packed well. One container had the curry and a plastic tray had the paranthas wrapped in foil. Tissues and a fork were put into a sealed bag and given with the order. The food was okay but had a distinct restaurant feel, I do believe it wasn’t strictly ‘home-made’. The portions were quite generous and I was full by the end of the meal.

Health-wise, I don’t think it’s quite what I would recommend eating every day. There was a layer of oil on top and it looked like it was making a beeline for my waist.

Verdict: Holachef promises home-made meals, a promise that might be difficult to deliver on. While most items are priced reasonably, some aren’t, something they probably have to work on. The service is obviously in need of some improvement but the food was okay. I wasn’t wowed but there are plenty of other chefs to try from. But they’ve some crappy reviews on the app store which they should be addressed asap. 

Update: As you can see, Holachef has replied to this post saying they don’t claim to be home-made. Which is possibly true- I went back and checked and they didn’t say home-made. I did read a few other websites that called it home-style cooking so I don’t know what to make of that.


  1. Thanks for the review, Mansi! We appreciate your feedback and have noted all of the points for consideration by the respective teams.

    However, we have nowhere promised ‘home made’ food. Did you read that somewhere? If yes, please point us to it so we can address it.

    The food we serve is made by professional or amateur chefs. Although, some of our chefs have rich experience in cooking a certain type of cuisine without any professional experience. All of these chefs come on board with an FSSAI license only.

    Have a good day!

    1. This is from your site guys “Holachef is an extension of one’s personal kitchen. It serves home-quality food with daily new menus of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner; along with packaged edibles under the Flavours section. ”

      Extension of one’s own kitchen etc, does intend to create home cooked feel.

  2. I ordered for chicken masala, Pav Bhaji, buna potatoes, and halwa. The chicken quality was very bad and the curry had a lot of mustard seeds and it tasted really bad. Pav wasn’t done at all and Bhaji was like a regular curry with beans, potatoes were cold and had wiered taste and halwa had no tinch of ghee. It was a very bad experience for us. I wish if holachef could monitor their food quality in a better way.

  3. I had ordered Aloo and cheese paratha with dal makhani and butter milk.. In paratha there was no cheese and hardly any aloo that was also stinking.. Paratha was soo brittle.. Couldn’t dare to eat it after 4-5 bites.. And butter milk was also stinking badly.. I had ordered at 8 pm and it came around 10pm! So couldn’t order dinner again from somewhere else… Totally disappointed!!! Please guys make sure about your quality before dispatch! Anyways will never order again! Thanks

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