You know when you a child asks you for something and you fool them by telling them the crow took it? Yeah, that was kind of my situation during this review. When I wasn’t looking, Warren Tricomi upped and left with their brand name and I ended up reviewing what I was handed. It wasn’t a wynn-wynn situation at all.

I did call up earlier and the lady at the reception may have said Wynn Salon and Spa but it didn’t register. So till I got there, I was still assuming I was going to review Warren Tricomi. Then, as I drove to the place, I realized the name had changed. This is also caused me to brake awkwardly in the middle of the road and behind me, irked drivers unleashed their choicest abusive words from their fine repertoire.

Anyway, I went in confused and considerably annoyed that this had happened. I am careful to review brands of repute and I hoped this wasn’t going to put a spanner in the works. Anyway, as I walked in, the reception had three ladies (on one bench, so much bum space fighting must happen). I spoke to one of them and she said that Warren Tricomi was working here through a franchise model and that the owner and the salon probably had a fallout. Which is okay, happens. What is funny is that then Wynn went and upped its rates. Anyway, onto the review.


The Space

I had been to Warren Tricomi to attend an event in my previous job. So I knew how it looked on the inside. And Wynn Salon and Spa looks exactly the same. Nothing’s changed. Well, except the branded backdrop which now has the Wynn logo. There’s a lot of space in this salon. There’s the hair service area, the nail service area, a separate hairwash area with a back bar, a hair and scalp area and even a room marked Private which immediately made me think of bikini waxes. The whole place has dark floors (great for hair salons as it hides hair) and dark wooden furniture but all their lights are bright and quite shiny. I was assigned Natasha for my hair spa treatment.

The Service


I was first made to sit in the hair service area where Natasha examined my hair. Can I please point out at this juncture that most clients will have very little confidence in someone who has extremely dry hair to give them a good hair service? I mean, her hair looked like it needed several hair spas. Anyway, she recommended a Kerastase ritual but I wanted an oil massage so she said I should do the Moroccan Oil treatment. I went with her recommendation. At this point, Natasha disappeared for a good 15 minutes and I was left with nothing to do, except make stupid tweets. Which I promptly did.

The Experience


When Natasha finally emerged 15 minutes later, I was lead to an inner room marked Hair and Scalp Institute which was done up in white. I was seated and Natasha asked me what I would like to drink so I chose Tang. Then, she picked up a Kerastase Oil and applied it to my crown. She said this was because Moroccan Oil is heavy and I have a oily scalp. For the rest of my hair, she applied the oil quite generously. She then gave me a massage, which was heaven sent because she was really good and my head could do with some major TLC. She applied the right amount of pressure and I enjoyed every minute of it. As is generally the case, I expected that I would be expected to stick my head into a giant dome to give my hair some steam. Natasha disappeared saying she would be back. 15 minutes went by and I was tempted by Twitter but before I could launch into a another spell of that, she was back with a wet towel. Yup, no steam but a warm, wet towel for me. It is at this point that the Tang came. I assume they put some major love into it because what Tang takes so much time to make?

A year or so may have passed. A lady called Suraiya comes in and she seats me at the wash basin. She starts washing my hair but the water is too cold and I was afraid I would get a brain freeze. I ask her for warmer water. And this is when it starts to go downhill. She goes out pretending to switch on the heater. I can hear a woman behind her telling her its not working. She starts washing my hair again, I insist (through chattering teeth) I want warmer water and she dishes out some BS about cold water being good after a treatment. I said I wanted warm water. She finally relented and lead me to the other area to wash my hair. Here, she uses a Kerastase shampoo and conditioner on my hair. She then my blast dries my hair. I look at my hair once it’s done and it looks limper than a damp cloth. I keep telling her I think she’s left some oil in my hair but she insists this isn’t the case. At this point, I am starting to look very disappointed. So Natasha comes over and says it’s smooth because of the treatment but offers to wash just my crown to there is some volume. I say it’s okay and that I will wash it at home. Natasha follows me to the reception area and Suraiya is gone from the scene. Here, she insists that she redo the wash. I agree reluctantly. Post wash, she blow dries my hair and it looks much better now. She agrees that some oil may have been left in my hair but she couldn’t say it in front of Suraiya. Hmm. So many brownie points scored because she said she wanted to see her client happy when she left the salon.


I am then handed the bill. It gets worse. She says it’s 2200 something. I was told the service was for Rs.1600. Surely, it can’t be Rs.600 worth of taxes. She says she’s charged me Rs.400 for the hair wash. I was a little taken back. I told the lady at the reception that I should have been informed if a wash was going to be charged. She says she would have used Moroccan Oil products. I say that’s not true, I saw her use Kerastase products. She then reverses this charge and I am asked to pay Rs. 1824.


Overall, it quite sucked.

In a jiffy

Salon: Wynn Salon and Spa ( previously Warren Tricomi. The message my bank sent to me when I paid still said Warren Tricomi. The address on Google Maps is also with the previous name)

Service availed:A Moroccan Oil treatment

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1824 inclusive of taxes

Get in touch:Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016. Call: 022 2444 6603

Brands used: Kerastase and the said Moroccan Oil but didn’t see any of that.

Hygiene of salon and professional: Clean but not very overly lit in some areas and not enough in some.

Destress Quotient: 1.5 AAHs

Verdict: Stringent standards of service possibly left with the brand Warren Tricomi. You are better off with other branded salons around the area. Wynn needs to get its act together. Natasha, however, deserves a special mention for offering me a second wash. 

Disclaimer: Damsel in Destress reviews salons and spas anonymously and pays for its own services unless specified otherwise.


  1. Great review. I used to frequently visit Warren Tricomi for the routine haircut but was taken aback by “Wynn” as well. Strange of them to raise the price however since the reason why Warren Tricomi struggled in the first place was its above average price point.

    1. Hey Louisa,

      Thank you so much. And yes, the price point is high but I guess the legacy of Warren Tricomi justifies it. For a unheard of brand like Wynn, I personally think the price hike is uncalled for.

  2. I searched on Google for salons at Shivaji park and got Wynn as one of the results. Just when I was planning on calling them…I see a link called Damsel in Destress and I thought I must read what you have to say about it. Thank god I did! Not risking this place now..thank you ????

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