About 10 years ago, when hairstyling wasn’t exactly cool Nalini and Yasmin were the rockstars of the hair world. A lot of time was spent trying to get an appointment at this Bandra salon and the cool people there- the ones with weird hair and nose piercings (that’s how we knew they were cool back then)- were spotted milling about here. For me, at that time, it was the epitome of coolness. Since then, I got a nose piercing but I am nowhere close to cool so, yeah.

When a friend, Neha Doshi, recently asked me where she should go to get her hair trimmed I suggested going to this old school favourite. Now, it’s called Nalini’s. I don’t know why? What happened to Yasmin? Are they still friends? Is there something sinister here? And it is because I do this that I am being kept away from detective novels. Anyway, so Neha booked an appointment and the both of made our way to this place which is exactly where N&Y used to be. Except now it’s only N.

The Space

N&Y used to be one big space before. Now, they’ve separated it into two part- the hair and beauty. I didn’t go the beauty side but into the hair side. There were two people at the counter, a lot of bamboo around everywhere and it got crowded very quickly because there was me, Neha, two people at counter and other people who shuttled between hair and beauty. The hair area, while big, wasn’t particularly well lit. And can I please mention the music? It was loud, annoying and you had to talk over it to be heard which gets old pretty quick. Also, the end of the salon has an area for employees to sit with their feet up but it gets awkward when you are like me and walk around the entire place and get very inquisitive about what people are doing towards the back. I ended up walking up and catching employees on their phones, sipping coffee and one older lady quickly shooed me away by asking me what I was getting done.

The Service

Neha had called Nailini’s and she couldn’t recall the name of the person she spoke to. The counter had someone called Delna or Delma when we went and we assumed it was her that Neha had spoken to. She politely asked us to wait. Apparently, the place has no junior or senior stylists, just people categorised according to the years of experience. So, Neha got a Senior stylist called Jade.

The Experience

Neha and Jade. The person in the chair is Neha, obviously.

When Jade came over to Neha, she didn’t seem very interested at all. Once they discussed what she wanted, which was basically a trim and for some movement, Jade sent Neha over to the backwash area. Now, while I was sitting there and reading, Jade was replaced by Heena who was the hair washer. Hair wash done, Heena escorted Neha back to the chair. Jade reappears and gives her a cut which is done in about 20 mins. Jane is replaced again by another lady who does only the blow drying. Jade is back, gives finishing touches and we are good to go.

All this while,  I am pottering around taking in the activity in the salon. There is a girl getting her hair coloured in a chair nearby and her hairstylists pulls a foil out of her hair and lets it fall to the floor. I kid you not. The foil lands gently on the floor and then after being whooshed into various areas by the people walking by, gets picked up and discarded.

Also, the place has this little cubbyhole which looks like a place where they dispense medicine from but I do think it’s not that. There’s a lady manning the counter there and she makes sure you don’t take more colour than you need, I think.


It’s a wrap

Salon: Nailini’s 

Service availed: Haircut

The wallet is lighter by : Rs 1300 something. Little blurry on this figure. It’s 1000 rupees for a senior stylist and it is after many years that I find a salon charging separately for a hair wash, but they did. 

Get in touch:201/ 202, 2nd Floor, Sagar Fortune,Waterfield Road,Near China Gate Restaurant,
Off Linking Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400050. Call: 022 66982614

Brands used: Style Factor, L’Oreal

Hygiene of salon and professional: Just about okay. But foils on the floor? Not okay. 

Destress Quotient: 2.0 AAHs

Verdict: They had their time. When they were ruling the roost, were the best around and had a sparkling reputation. Now it seems tired and done and the staff looks like they don’t care. So , maybe not. 

Cameo by foil, in the bottom right

Stylists name: Jade 


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