I love being at home. You get to laze around on your bed, watch crappy shows on TV and lounge around in nothing but your underwear. Unless you’ve neighbours. Because they throw you the dirtiest looks. I guess it’s because they don’t like my underwear or they aren’t fans of nudity. I don’t know.

Okay, enough about that. The thing is, I like taking my salon services at the salon itself. I mean, there’s a change of scene, you get to sink into their plush chairs, they pay for the air conditioning etc. etc. Obviously we all have a beautician who comes home and works her magic but let’s just say I am not a fan. There’s a couple of companies that are changing the way we consume salon services though. I have been meaning to try out beautyjoy.in actually. Note to self: Be proactive.

I got an email from a PR person for an experiential from a brand called MyGlamm which provides at home salon services. My first experience with the brand nose dived from there because the PR person confirmed the appointment the first time and no one turned up and I wasn’t informed no one was coming. The second time an appointment was fixed, I was asked to resechedule. I was also told I couldn’t get a full body massage (not available, though on the menu) and that the Forest Essentials products were not available for the facial (again, on the menu). I finally managed to get the experiential done recently. I opted for a Morrocan Hair Spa. And here’s my review.

The Space

Erm, it was in my house so I am not going to review it.

The Service

Once the PR person finally confirmed, I got a call from MyGlamm confirming my appointment, my address and the time I was expecting the salon person. The lady on the phone also asked if I was comfortable with a male stylist which I said I was. Getting an unknown guy coming home may be awkward for a lot of people but I am sure you can ask for a female stylist. What was impressive was the next day, the stylist turned up exactly on time and called me to say he was here. I also received an SMS confirming all details.


The Experience

Once inside, the guy – Sushant  – was extremely polite and professional. He asked me where he could take off his shoes and where I wanted to get the treatment done. Once I told him where, he asked me for 5 minutes to set things up. When I was back, the floor was covered with a yellow tarpaulin, the chair was placed on it, and the products to be used were displayed on the table. I was then asked to sit which I did obediently. Such a good girl. Sushant then introduced himself, as in told me his name and then in an attempt to make conversation said ‘I am Sushant and you are you’. He then told me he was going to be giving me the Morrocan Hair Spa treatment, checked my hair, asked how it was normally (well behaved/unruly etc) and then confirmed that the hair spa was a good idea. I was then covered in a disposable white sheet and he applied the product on my hair. During this time Sushant was amiable, chatting about random thing and worrying if I was bored when I reached for my phone. Once the product was applied, he gave me a fabulous massage which lasted a good 20-25 minutes. He then said I would be given steam. In the salon, they put a giant steaming pot on your head at this point. Since carrying that along with him was not possible, he asked me for water and had a tiny, but what I assume is a potent steamer with which he steamed my hair. He then said I would have to rinse it and I went in for a shower. This deserves a special mention. When I was going to rinse my hair, Sushant said I should lock up all valuables which I thought was a great because I know how awkward it can get in case anything goes missing. Once back, he blow-dried my hair. It looked super healthy and shiny. I just wish I had somewhere to go.

Afterwards, he packed everything into his MyGlamm bag and left.

In a jiffy

Salon: MyGlamm

Service availed: Moroccan Oil Hair Ritual Spa

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1700 but I got this complimentary from the PR company. 

Get in touch: www.myglamm.com

Brands used: Moroccan Oil products

Hygiene of  professional: Good. I do suggest that they give them aprons or tshirts with their branding though.

Destress Quotient: 3.5 AAHs 

Verdict: MyGlamm on its own delivered on its promise and the service was excellent. However, the initial fiasco caused me to deduct a few AAhs. Overall, the entire services, the professional and his service redeemed the brand and wonderfully at that. I would recommend this brand to anyone. However, the charges are a little higher than going to salon.

If you are looking to book, head here: https://www.myglamm.com/


MyGlamm - Service Menu


  1. sorry the only thing i agree in this review is that how unorganized or unprofessional they r . for the price they r charging and the kind of therapists and products they r using its just not worth ones time . i dont know what made you give such glowing reviews ( may be the free treatment ) . what company would not divulge their owners name ?? which company will send the therapist late by hour and ten minutes late for the first ever appointment ? which business has to be reminded twice to book for an appointment? last but not the least how can you charge as much a nail salon but would carry 5-6 shades of old dried up or super thin ( thinner added ) nail paint which the therapist will not only apply to your nails but will apply to your fingers as well .

    1. Hi Shelly, I definitely agree that their price points are higher. You can be assured that a free service doesn’t swing a review in the brand’s favour. You can check out my other reviews ( I paid) and you’ll know. Also, it’s possible that since they knew it was going to be a review, they sent their best therapist. That doesn’t change the fact that a paying customer should get fabulous service. In fact, the points you’ve mentioned would’ve me fuming too. I always suggest going to a salon for nail services and I would suggest Jean Claude Biguine for their nail services. 🙂

  2. I am totally disappointed with myglamm. They take appointmenys and never turn up even after paying up the entire amount in advance. My friend had the misfortune of getting a pedicure done from them. That was totally amateurish. Nail paints were also dried up. The ones that were there was applied in a hurry and it got screwed up in minutes
    Then they call to apologize and offer another service and guess what ?? Nobody turns up again.

    Totally disgusting! Wont recommend it to anyone.

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