Blogger life is fun, mostly for me. Sometimes, my friends get to experience fun things – like a sport or a workshop. And then sometimes, I drag them kicking and screaming to salons to get waxed, manicured or for a haircut. A friend of mine in possession of thick locks was showing off a rather full head. He may have not wanted a haircut, or he may have but I decided it was time he got one. Because at this age, what are you doing with so much hair and also, I needed to do a review. I called Toni and Guy in Bandra and said booked an appointment. When I got there, I was really hungry. But, and this is a major downer, there were no chaat waalas around that area. What kind of classy place is this? Really. I settled for some crap chips or something. Anyway, hunger marginally satiated, we made our way to the Toni and Guy salon which is next to the Toni and Guy Academy.

The Space


The space is tiny. The reception area is a really small with two doors on either side. One leads to the salon and the other, I don’t know, Narnia. I later discover (when I really needed to pee) that the other door leads to their academy. Once you enter, the place has about 8 chairs for haircuts and a place for two people to sit. We obviously parked our backsides on these two chairs. The place is done up in black and white but is in an obvious state of disrepair. The entire place looks kind of old and in need of some sprucing up. The paint is peeling off in some places, the tiles seem look like they could use a good scrub. Come on, Toni & Guy, you can do better than this. I say this because in Dubai (my roots are there so you will often see a reference to it), Toni and Guy is located in Emirates Towers which is a premium destination and has quite a fabulous feel to it.

The Service

When I called them to book an appointment, they told me they didn’t have ranges of stylists and that a male haircut was Rs.1050 and a women it was Rs.1250 flat. They also called me at 6:05 while I am noisily munching on some crisps at the local banya where between chips I confirmed I would be there in 5 minutes. A call, as I always say, is a good thing. We were also offered drinks as soon as we entered which was also nice.

The Experience

When we got there, we were guided to the salon side of things and we told to sit down while my friend was plonked on a chair and asked what he was looking for. My friend was clueless, as usual. So Rajesh (the guy from Toni and Guy. Hahah, I was dying to do that) told him he would make the sides shorter and the mop on hair on the top would be snipped but not too much. This done, we thought his hair would be washed. Nope, Rajesh went on to use a number 4 on the sides followed by a number 2 trimmer towards the bottom to give the effect of fading at the back of his head. After this, he took my friend (Oh, he has a name. Let’s call him Sane?) for a hairwash. Then, Sane was back on the chair and the hair on the top of the head meet the scissors for the first time. We had told Rajesh that Sane had a really important event coming up on the 28th so he cut the hair a little shorter so it would grow out and be perfect by then. After this, his hair was washed again (What? Why does he get two washes in one cut?) and a few snips later, Sane is good to go. He’s shown the back of his head in a mirror and told how he should style his hair. He nods and smiles. He’s not going to do any of it.


Sane has insane hair growth. So we should be reviewing a new salon, say , next week?

In a snip

Salon: Toni & Guy, Bandra

Service availed: Haircut, for a guy

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1050 for men inclusive of everything. It’s 1250 for women. The thing is, with this price, they don’t justify the experience. 

Get in touch: 2nd Floor, Raheja Centre.92, Main Avenue, Above Tommy Hilfiger, Linking Road, Santacrus West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400054. Call:
022 2640 0163

Brands used: Label M (apparently a Toni & Guy product)

Hygiene of salon and professional: Very average. The area around the dustbin has a stock of hair which was quite horrible to look at. The towels were fraying (See main picture. WTF is the problem with salons?) and like I said in the space, everything needed some cleaning. 

Destress Quotient: 2.0 AAHs

Verdict: Toni & Guy has a fabulous legacy of being upmarket and cool. They are ruining it with a sub-par experience which comes at a higher price point. They are going to have to pull up their socks to compete with the JCBs and BBlunts of this city. I did like the haircut and so did Sane but it wasn’t wow. 

Stylists name: Rajesh 

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  1. This is for the Toni and Guy Andheri west branch in Mumbai. Worst possible Toni and Guy in the world. I saw a small girl beaten up in front of me because she came to ask for salary while she worked for there till the previous month. The owner was an arrogant woman who actually beat the teenage kid and called police on her.

    Next I see a wrong bill and shady menu pricing. What they say and what they do is full shady. Avoid this place at all costs. Toni and Guy should be ashamed to give their franchise to such shady characters.

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