So I am currently looking at the world only through one eye. I got conjunctivitis. But despite this, I braved the outside world and decided to do a salon review. Because if I don’t do it, where do you look for trustworthy reviews, right?

I have been wanting to review Envi Salons for a while but never got around to doing it. In fact, I have called them several times, making an appointment but not turning up- and this has happened a couple of times. Yes, not good behaviour but I promise I had good reason. Anyhow, onto the review.

The Space


The Envi Salon and Spa in Powai has a posh location and sits pretty with fancy eateries for company. Inside, the place is spacious but seems in a little bit of a disarray with random parts of it boarded up with Kumkum wood. Yeah, go figure. The hair wash area also had some parts of it dug up and they didn’t even attempt to cover it. What? Unless they were planning to bury a dead, unhappy client there, I don’t see why it should be this way.

The Service


The few times that I had ditched them before, I had called and booked an appointment and they didn’t call back at scheduled time to ask me if I was going to make it- and if you’ve been reading my blog you know that I don’t think that that’s very nice at all. Anyway, I walked in this time and asked for a Oil Massage with Wash which was Rs.600. I asked about the Mythic Oil massage but that was expensive without a wash, so I said I would stick to the good, ol’ oil massage.

The Experience


You know how I love dressing up inappropriately for the occasion right? So I was in a skirt and that climbed up pretty high. Half way through the service, I asked for a towel to cover my legs and for the sake of decency. Ravi was appointed to do my service. When he looked at my hair, he said I would be better half with a Hair Spa Service because my hair was going dry from the winter. He also suggested I get something called Powerdose done. It would have worked out to upwards of Rs.3000. I said I would just do the hair spa which was Rs. 1500 for medium hair. It was Rs.1250 for short hair.

On to the service. I am so ambivalent about this one, I don’t know where to place it. While Ravi was attentive and nice, the massage was nothing to write home about. I did mention that my crown was the pain point but he didn’t concentrate on it. My hair was washed first which I thought was weird but apparently that’s how it’s done. After applying the product and the massage, he applied a cream and put the giant steam pod on my head. At this point, it became quite comical with the steam machine not making it to my head, then getting pulled and coming unplugged and then us figuring out that we should probably use the other, closer plug point.

After this, the steam pot on my head was dripping on to my clothes but I was reading an article on my phone and ignored it. After this, he gave my hair a final rinse, blast dried it and then went on to recommend that I get extensions. We spent a considerable time discussing this and I left without doing it. So much for that, then.


Also, here’s the reception area and the lady who does the billing. Please to be noticing the Star Plus channel playing in the background.

Update: Rohan Kant, the owner of Envi Salon, got in touch with me after reading this review and invited me over for a complimentary Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment. This time, the salon was spiffy, clean and packed with people. I was taken to a special room where Nimesh explained the ritual to me. This was followed by a lovely treatment that has my hair feeling soft and rejuvenated. While I was ambiguous earlier, I am certainly more positive about Envi now. 


That’s a wrap

Salon: Envi Salon and Spa

Service availed: L’Oreal Hair Spa

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1718 rupees . Expensive, right?

Get in touch: G-3, B. G.House, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076.They have branches all over Mumbai.  Call :022 2570 5311

Brands used: L’Oreal mostly. 

Hygiene of salon and professional: Not very good. The salon was clearly in need of some upkeep and the booth next to me still had hair all over it. Eeks! Ravi was clean and neat. The towels though old, seemed clean.

Destress Quotient: 3.0 AAHs 

Verdict: Like I said, I am mostly ambivalent about Envi. It’s not high end but charges steeply. If you are going to make me pay that much, surely you can up your game. It’s the kind of place I would recommend for for regular services but not for colouring or expensive jobs. 

Therapist’s names: Ravi





  1. I am a frequent visiter in Envi Powai from the last 4 years. I do love their service.
    I was informed that they are getting a makeover for their salon in Powai – a new look for the new year 🙂

  2. On 19th May 2016 around 7:30 p.m one of the staff member of ENVI, Powai – a guy in early 20’s had hit a small girl of age 5 – 6 years who was from nearby slum on her shoulder very hard. Her only fault was she was poor & begging outside their shop. We tried to talk the little girl but she was very frightened & crying and pointed towards her shoulder where the finger impressions were clearly visible.
    Even after knowing all this the female staff members of that Envi salon were trying to protect and denying everything. Only after a huge crowd had gathered & forced that idiot to come out & apologize in public. All the shops next to it had witnessed this & you can verify it with them.
    They must be good in haircut but a heartless people with no feelings or humanity. Shame on Envi shop located at Powai Hiranandani, Mumbai !! and salute to those people who joined & teached that idiot a lesson with a very loud & clear message.

  3. Very very bad job. I wanted a simple haircut but the hairdresser – Ravi – totally messed up and gave me a horrible haircut. Uneven, ridiculous and NO HAIRSTYLE at all. I went in with 8 inch long hair and came out with 1 and a half inches. From the back he cut cery very short and uneven. I had to another salon and cut them Even shorter. Terrible. Go anywhere but here.

  4. I happen to have a very different experience from what others who commented above have face. My experience on the contrary was extremely good. I am a regular client of Envi and i recently got a new hair cut. Just loved my new look and got a lot of compliments from friend and family.

    @vivek – i saw you have posted the same article on google review. Happened to stumble across it when i went to review my hair dresser. But did you happen to know the whole story? i was actually in the salon that time and the instance you described is very much incorrect. I believe you should check out the response to your review there. You will be surprised 🙂

  5. Hi,

    This review was just brought to my attention and I would like start by apologising for not meeting your expectations. It makes me really upset to see the issues you faced at our Powai branch. For Envi, Client satisfaction is our top priority and all the issues pointed out have been addressed.

    We would request you to give us another chance & come and experience our service again. As a gesture, I would like to offer you an Complimentary Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatment from Team Envi.
    Please reach out to me on to help arrange this.

    Look forward to your visit.

    Rohan K
    Envi Salon & Spa

  6. Envi Salon (Oberoi Mall) horrible stylist ..ask for a hairstyle and they make u look like a joke also they don’t know what is their charges. they told my friend 670/- and charged me 920/-. bad staff and horrible stylist

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