The space

BBlunt is a chain of salons started by Adhuna Akhtar (Farhan Akhtar’s wife) and her partners. As with anything decent, the central suburbs get the brand much after the rest of the world. So R City in Ghatkopar got its BBlunt on 22nd November, 2014. Just so you know, the first salon in Mumbai was start in 1998. BBlunt replaces Drama Salon on the 3rd floor. The salon interiors are a lot of black and white, distressed mirrors and old world switches. It was almost like walking through a Parsi household. When they wash your hair, you will notice that the pipes are pink and are fun to stare at for just that reason. The armchairs in the nails section look super interesting featuring a paisley print and the salon is spacious so your hair isn’t landing on someone else’s cape.

The services

I had booked an appointment and when I walked in and I generally prefer booking advance which gives the salon time to do its job well. They have 3 levels of hairstylists, I can’t remember their levels but in terms of money it was Rs.850, Rs.1300 and Rs.1800. I went for an Rs.850 stylist. His name was Gautam and as I sat down he asked me what I wanted to do with my hair. I have been getting haircuts that give me volume at the crown, shorten the fringe and layer the back that I parroted this back to him without a glitch. Gautam was warm and friendly and said it didn’t have to be like a formula. It’s great to meet a hair stylist who knows what he’s doing and is comfortable with telling the client what they think should be done with the hair. I entrusted my mane to him and asked him to do what he thought would look great. You know they usually ask you where you got your last cut and generally end up saying it wasn’t good enough? Yeah well, I was in for a surprise. Gautam asked me if I had got my last hair cut from BBlunt which I said I had. He said he could tell from the way it’s been cut.

The experience

I am herded over to the washing area and was tucked into a white plastic robe that went all the way to my ankles and a towel is placed under my hair. BBlunt has introduced a new product line called BSystem that they claim is developed specifically for Indian hair. They use these products at their salons. They also give a gentle massage while washing your which is legendary. Imagine getting a head massage while staring at industrial pink pipes. The cutest surely.

Gautam was chatty and fun, discussing his life, what it’s like to work as a hair stylist and how he loved what he does. Half an hour later, my haircut is done and it looks spectacular. My hair is shinier and bouncier and all types of superlatives. And don’t worry, the haircut settles down pretty quick which means you don’t have to worry about getting it done 2 weeks before a big event.

Also, stumbled across this while I was writing this.

Being Blunt

Salon: BBlunt, R City, Ghatkopar West 

Service availed: Haircut

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.850 inclusive of taxes. UPDATE: The basic haircut as on January 2016 is Rs. 900. They do have a 20% off scheme going on though.

Get in touch: 022 65646377

Brands used: Premium and own range

Hygiene of salon and professional: Excellent 

Destress Quotient: 4 aahs


  1. I visited BBlunt khar salon to get haircut from style director Farah,this was my second time to get haircut from her,last year she did pretty good job(she worked at Juhu BBlunt then)but this time she has highly disappointed me.Haircut looks quite messy ,uneven,doesnt look like a professional stylist has cut my hair,also the cut lacks precision.After blow dry I did not realise that the haircut has turned out so bad because a good blow dry hides the flaws,I realised it the next day when its effect was gone.I paid Rs.2400 for the cut and really regret of getting a worst haircut.

    1. I try and be extremely particular about the people I recommend for this reason. In fact, I stick to one person for as long as possible. It’s sad that a style director gave you a bad haircut. I hope it grows out soon! 🙂

    2. I had a bad experience to .. my hair was cut into a boring U cut and I have curly hair so it looks like a birds nest after I wash them as the length is same all over … stylist dont keep in mind a person face cut nor their hair type and just cut into something which looks decent when blow dryed but after that its a disaster and nothing great to speak about as people wonder if I actually went to Bblunt or some road side salon for an haircut.

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