My hair has a mind of its own. It will do whatever it pleases, when it pleases. And there’s not much I can do except suck it up. Like when I wear lip gloss. No matter how hard I try, my hair makes it a point to fly in my face and get attached to my lips. And then hang in there limp and sticky. Or on days when I haven’t washed them and have somewhere to go, I will fervently pray that it look less oily. Mostly, I will have no such luck. They will  look like they have been through an oil spill and start negotiating with the US for better prices per gallon. However, I do tend to take care of them by regularly oiling them and subjecting them to the minimum amount of styling products.

Overall, I would say my hair is normal with an oily scalp. Which means on the second day after washing my hair they start to look limp and by the 3rd day I must absolutely wash my hair. When I went to Juice a couples of months ago (Yes, I am kind of late with this review), the lady promoted Bed Head TIGI products to me. You possibly know by now that I am a sucker for products that are packaged well and smell good. And so after sniffing most of the products behind the counter while making other people at the salon awkward with this action, I finally asked my service lady what she would recommend and she said it would be this one.

Here’s my review:

Bed Head TIGI Urban Anti-dotes range, Re-energize.

Product claims it’s for damage level one and is for normal hair that needs a daily pick-me-up.

Feel: The product looks like any other shampoo and lathers rather well. It’s also quite efficient with erasing all traces of oil on the hair and for that I cannot be thankful enough. But this also means that hair that’s more sensitive than mine might find it slightly abrasive leaving the hair feeling dry.

Fragrance:I absolutely love the fragrance of this shampoo. It smells like bubblegum in a very pleasant way. Since I only use the shampoo and a different conditioner, the smell tends to evaporate quickly. I assume if you use the conditioner from the same range, the lingering fragrance will be pretty good.

Price: Rs.750 for 250ml

Verdict: The products from Bed Head TIGI are priced quite luxuriously but they seem to last pretty long (I have had mine for 4 months now and I am only 3/4th into my bottle) and deliver on results. Overall, if you are feeling like your hair deserves some TLC and fabulous smelling products, get yourself one of these. Forest Essentials Shampoos (what they call cleansers) are about the same range.


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