Everyone who’s been in Bandra long enough knows about Freeda. It’s supposed to be one of those places that has acquired cult status. Like people visit it every month or so like a pilgrimage spot but for beauty needs. Can I already tell you this now? I have no idea why.

I have noticed that salons now have their employees sitting outside when they have no client to service. I find this quite silly and unwelcoming. But with Freeda, I am going to excuse this. Purely because they have way too many employees. There are employees everywhere. And their uniform is red and black, so basically it just looks like many Coke bottles are walking around. Anyway, on to the review.

The Space


I haven’t gone to the previous Freeda but this one is obviously new. A lot of things are still to be set up and the place looks like it is in a bit of a disarray. No idea if things are like this generally. It’s located somewhere on Pali Hill (I can never seem to get the exact address) and is difficult to miss, if you are looking for it. There’s an outside area and while a few people are attended to there, most are ushered into an area inside. Now this area is busy. And when I say busy, I mean chaotic. There are people everywhere, it looks like everyone should have been doing something else and there is a general sense of confusion.

The Service

When I called up, a lady called Charlotte picked up the phone and was a thorough professional. She fixed my appointment. However, I was early this time. Yes, rare for me. But there I was half an hour before I was supposed to be. This maybe purely due to the fact that I was in the area, so. Yes. Once I got there, the lady at the counter told me I should wait but the minute I sat on the random blue couch, Ruby came in and took me to area two. Let me tell you now that getting any service done here is like getting a service at a railway station. There are too many people. Employees or otherwise.

Spot the many, many employees?


The Experience

Ruby asked me whether I wanted olive oil or coconut oil for my head massage. I wasn’t planning on doing any healthy cooking so I went with coconut oil. She got that for me in a steel bowl. The area where I was sitting had a dirty dustbin below it and a broken thread from a previous threading service. Disgusting. While the hygiene standards were clearly questionable. Ruby did a good job the head massage. But she also massage my arms and face and that confused me. Also, she was very close to my boobs at some point during the massage and that made me awkward. Once the oil was applied, I was lead to the pedicure station.




At this point, someone asked Ruby to continue my service and she just argued and said she wouldn’t do it. Kshitij then did my pedicure. The tools were dirty but the pedicure was decent.


That’s a wrap

Salon: Freeda Beauty Salon

Service availed: Oil Massage and Pedicure

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.800 for the oil massage and Rs.500 for the pedicure rupees . Oh and Rs.10 for the bottle of water I was asked about. 

Get in touch: 41, Roshni Building, Near Dilip Kumar Bungalow, Pali Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 . Call:022 2648 6321

Brands used: L’Oreal mostly and then unknown

Hygiene of salon and professional: Horrible. Everything was unclean and dirty. They had fraying towels that were put into this bucket. (Prem Ratan Towel Payo, I called it). Overall, dirty, dirty. 


Destress Quotient: 1.0 AAHs 

Verdict: I wouldn’t recommend Freeda to anyone. The employees are cranky, they charge you for water after they ask you if you want anything and nobody wants to do anything properly. Ruby looked super disinterested in my service. 

A huge caveat: During my oil massage, another lady employee walked up to Ruby and asked how to do a facial. That’s alarming. 

Therapist’s names: Ruby and Kshitij



  1. I had taken 6:00pm appointment for hair trimming but I rescheduled the appointment to 15:00 hours for the same i.e. hair trimming. I reached Freeda Salon, Sahana Enclave, Gr. Flr., Dr. Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, near Residency Hotel by 14:30. I approached the lady @ reception and informed her of my appointment for Hair Trimming. I was directed to stylist Winnie. To my surprise she threw hell lot of Unnecessary Attitude at for no god forsaken reason. Apart from that the lady Winnie was purely unhygienic for the reason being she sneezed on her palm and did not even care to wipe her hand. She used same hand to blow dry my hand. I’D rather waste my money on salons like Tony & Guy or Saks, or even Lakme than here. Will not even rate Freeda Salon 0.5. I will recommend people to please read the reviews on salon first and then proceed.

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