I had a particularly tough workout and I obviously thought I deserved some pampering. When I say difficult workout I mean my butt was  hurting and I was walking like a duck. Another thing is , Shilpa Shetty seems to be always looking radiant and I am going to assume she goes to her own spa to look that way.

Anyway, I decided to head to Iosis. Iosis is a spa, salon, slimming and skin (?!) place in Chembur and other places. It’s a venture by Kiran Bawa and Shilpa Shetty. I chose Chembur because the one in Ghatkopar doesn’t look very pampering or inviting. The Chembur one was all pretty with lights and a verandah but when I went there it was covered in blue tarapaulin and looked quite staid. Anyway, I headed in.

The Space


As discussed, I had never been inside the Iosis centre in Chembur but this time it was all blue. The inside has Buddha statues. I think the minute you say pampering or spa, Buddha statues are dispatched your way. Anyway, they have a quite a few of those. The reception area is sparse with boring chairs and doesn’t look very opulent with harsh lights. The salon area is better and the spa rooms are much better lit.

The Service

I called for an appointment and spoke to Nikita on the phone who was quite lovely to talk to and asked me about when I wanted to come in. I said I would choose the service once I was there and she was okay with that which is nice. They didn’t call me when I was late (Yes, I usually am) and you know I don’t like that. But once I got there (after driving past it twice), Nikita addressed me with a smile and my name which is good. They have this terrible habit of making you wait for a service in that garish reception, even between service which is a downer.

The Experience

When I went in, I asked them to suggest a massage for me. I said I only needed it to destress but I definitely wanted a head massage. She suggested a Destress massage but said it was only from neck to toe. So I wanted to opt for something else. However, the lady at the reception threw in a free scalp massage for me which was awesome.


So, after 15 minutes of be twiddling my thumbs, Amar came over. I was lead to an inner sanctum which had  a huge, soft chair to sink into, a Buddha (of course) candle and a treadmill (?). Anyway, Amar gave the most insanely relaxing scalp massage ever (it’s priced at Rs.850 if you want just this) and I wanted to kiss his hands but I am sure he would think that was weird.

After the scalp massage, I was back in the shiny reception area while I waited for my therapist for the massage. Kim arrived shortly after and lead me to my spa room. The massage started off without the usual foot wash and from the spa bed, I could see a pillow. Don’t they usually have flowers and stuff? Kim was extremely rough and not very thorough. She tried to work out my chinks but she wasn’t very good. My back didn’t feel too relaxed and my butt still hurt, a few hours later, it hurt even more. I know that happens sometimes when you get a good massage but this wasn’t a nice pain. She also managed to give me a wedgie midway. Once the massage was done, I was asked to take steam. Kim told me what to do and left. I stumbled around in the bathroom. The steam wasn’t enough and when I checked the temperature, it was 38 degrees which is like stepping outside in Mumbai. And please, dispensers for shower gel and shampoo? Such a no no.


That’s a wrap

Salon: Iosis, Chembur

Service availed: D’stress massage (I don’t know why it’s spelled like that)

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.2850 inclusive of all taxes 

Get in touch: 205/206 Stonridge, Central Avenue, Opp Cosmos Bank, Chembur East, Mumbai – 400071. Call: : 022 25280000 / 30000 / 7506494475

Brands used: No idea, nothing was shared. 

Hygiene of salon and professional: Decent. While there weren’t obvious dirt, the walls did have peeling wall paper. The spa room didn’t have a dustbin and the towels were starting to fray. 

Destress Quotient: 1.5 AAHs 

Verdict: Unfortunately,Iosis can’t decide if it wants to be a salon or a spa. As a spa, it doesn’t live up the the standards though its rates are lower. I don’t think customer service needs to take a hit even if the prices are less.  As a salon, there didn’t seem to be many people but having a treadmill in the same room as a massage chair seems was very weird to me. Unless Amar and I were going to walk and he was going to work on my scalp. 

Therapist’s names: Amar and Kim

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