Sometimes, you have a day where you end up reaching work late, you miss an important deadline and your presentation won’t open up. And sometimes, it’s a Monday. By the end of the week, all of us need a break and some mental and physical TLC. So you head to the spa, or curl up with a book, or cook your favourite meal. Now, if you don’t want to head to the spa, you can bring the spa home. When I did the Spa Ceylon store review, I was given some deliciously aromatic products from the brand. Here’s my review of their products.

All Spa Ceylon products come in a translucent green bottle or tub.

Ceylon Tea & Spice Body Scrub

Spa C Scrub

The product is infused with Green, White and Black teas. It also has sandalwood, coriander, walnut, virgin coconut, olive and honey so now it’s starting to sound more like a salad than a scrub.

Feel: The scrub has a watery but buttery feel. While it is recommended to be used with milk, it worked very well with water as well. The granules, I assume they are walnut, are big and do a good job of scrubbing and smoothening the skin. The skin does tend to feel a bit buttery after you wash it off.

Fragrance: You end up smelling a little like a spice island when you use this scrub. It reminded me of the fragrance you get when you enter a thai spa. It smells quite pampering but can get overwhelming after a while.

Price: Rs. 1050 for a 225 grams tub

Verdict: The product is very scrub-like in its feel. The fragrance might take some getting used to. Even if used generously, it will last quite a bit. While it does deliver on the smoothening promise, the brightening of the skin tone might take a while.

Peace Relaxing Body and Pillow Mist

The product comes with a spray nozzle and contains lemongrass, lavender, peppermint and aloe vera. I was a little confused because I wouldn’t want to smell like that but I did use it on pillows.

Feel: One pump releases a very fine mist that leaves small patches on the pillow, so you have to be careful of that if using on your finest bed linen. The pillow feels only slightly damp and this disappears pretty quickly. Does it heIp you sleep? Maybe not directly but you tend to breathe in the wonderful aroma as you head off to sleep.

Fragrance: While the product claims that it has all of the above, the notes of peppermint and lemongrass are the strongest.

Price: Rs. 950 for a 100ml bottle

Verdict: The mist smells lovely when you spray it on but requires at least 2-3 pumps before it sets in. Also, the smell disappears pretty quickly and doesn’t even stay on the pillow. I would think this was a big minus for a product that is called a pillow mist.

Cardamom and Rose Nail and Cuticle Cream

Spa C Nail

The jar looks like a balm that you will have to dig your fingers into. The product has virgin coconut, pure bran, soya, sunflower, rose and cardamom.

Feel: When you look at it, the product looks like a cream so you think you will need copious quanitites of it. You don’t. Even if you rub your finger in, the oily texture is enough to cover, quite nicely, all the fingers on one hand.

Fragrance: The product smells strongly of rose, there is only a hint of cardamom.

Price: NA as I had a tester.

Verdict: This cream smells lovely and feels quite indulgent on the nails and around the cuticles. It also deeply conditions and feels rich and moisturizing. I was quite impressed by this one. Be careful with the quantity you use though. A little goes a long way with this.

Breathe Soothing Herbs

Spa C Breathe

Toss your Vicks away, a new way to breathe easy is here. This product has a lot of ingredients but the best thing about it is the way it is presented.

Feel: You only have to breathe this in but the herbs put together look quite attractive.

Fragrance: While the aroma is mild, it is quite soothing. I am not sure it eases breathing but it can lull you into relaxing.

Price: Rs. 450 for 20grams

Verdict: This is worth it alone for the presentation. If that’s not what you will buy it for, this is fun to inhale when you feel a cold coming on. When you already have a cold though, this doesn’t rise to the challenge of making you breathe easier. Caveat: It can be really fun to play with but you will never end up putting everything back the way it was.

Neroli Jasmine Aromaveda Hair Oil Mist

Spa C Hair Oil

This one comes with a spray nozzle as well. It lists all the ingredients but doesn’t specifically mention a few for their properties.

Feel: This mist has to be used on dry hair. The product says it must be massaged into the hair and worked into the ends. It feels like a mist and 2-3 pumps should be enough for shoulder length hair. It’s a little oily on the skin (I sprayed it there for the review) but doesn’t look oily on the hair.

Fragrance: It smells of neroli but not too much of jasmine which was a relief as I don’t like jasmine too much. The thing is, even with just a little, the smell tends to stay on a pretty long time and while that is good, if you don’t like the smell, it can attack your nose every time you toss your hair .

Price: Rs. 1100 for 100ml

Verdict: You could use this for a special occasion but for Rs.1100 a pop, you may be just fine with your regular serum.

Sandalwood Soap

Spa C Soap

Smells like sandalwood. Looks like sandalwood. Is made of it as well. It has honey, and natural vitamin E from soya and fatty acids.

Feel: Like all other soaps that are natural or atleast the ones I have used till now, this one too dries your skin out completely. It also gets over pretty quick.

Fragrance: Smells like a sandalwood soap. So much, that I did think it could be Mysore Sandal Soap.

Price: Rs.300 for 70 grams

Verdict: You will be fine if you skip this one altogether.

Spa Ceylon Luxury Candle

Spa C Candle

Okay, I am not going to feel a candle, because that’s just wrong. The candle has a wonderful shape and smells quite nice. The person at the store said it should last about nine hours and does not have the regular wax but a natural wax.

Price: Rs. 1100

Verdict: The smell isn’t as intense as it is with essential oils, I for people like me who prefer strong fragrances for the room, this was a bit of a let down. However, it does have a luxurious fragrance that could be worth a whirl.

Destress Quotient: 2.5 AAHs

The brand will have to pay attention to consistency and product mentions. Many products have mentions of other products and many spelling mistakes. 

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