Being a beauty blogger is fun. For the most part. Also, it requires you to have a lot of storage space. Because you keep getting sent samples of products you should try out and review. And because you never really end up using the whole sample, you end up stuffing drawers and cupboards with half used face washes, lotions and potions.

Anyhoo, let’s forget my room which is a dumping ground for the time being. Oriflame invited a lot of beauty bloggers for an event at Blue Frog in Lower Parel. The occasion? The launch of their Love Nature range. The event was hosted by Rashmi Nigam who flaunted a questionable accent and some very sub-par hosting abilities. She kept looking into her flash cards for inspiration, repeated lines incessantly and lost track of what she was saying in the middle of her sentence. They had a band perform some songs and then the new line ‘Love Nature’ was introduced. The best part of the event was this corner where they were giving people foot massages. Guys! Foot massages. Okay, clearly you are not as enthused by this as I am. Sonali Bendre Behl came on stage and said that she has been spending Euros and dollars on fancy creams when she could have just turned to Oriflame. I find this hard to believe because she’s been a brand ambassador for them for a while and surely she knew that. Let’s take her word for it. The people from the brand talked about how they have introduced the Neem variant for the Indian market because everyone knows about how good neem is for the skin. When I asked if the products were paraben-free? The Marketing person, hesitantly said they were.

When we entered, each blogger was to be handed a bag full of products from the Love Nature range. When I entered, the PR person was missingso I just walked in, empty-handed. When I was leaving, I asked for the bag and they threw in random products for me and another blogger into this bag. I ended up getting the Love Nature Face Wash, the Love Nature Clay Mask and the Love Nature Face Moisturiser (spelled with an ‘s’. Love it.) All the products I have are for combination skin. The Love Nature range also has other variants like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Wild Rose etc.


Here’s my review:

Love Nature Face Wash

Cannot put image because I ran out of it and the tube landed in the bin

Feel: This gel based face wash is quite nice actually. It cleans gently without leaving the face dry. And it doesn’t require tonnes of washing to get off your face, so yay for that.

Fragrance: It’s gently scented but the gentle fragrance it does have reminds me of a dish cleaning liquid, so that’s kind of awkward. The fragrance is quite fresh and not sickly sweet which si always a good thing.

Price: Rs.199 for 50ml

Verdict: It may be priced slightly higher than others in its category but it delivers on its promise.

Love Nature Face Moisturiser:


Feel: I am in love with this product. It’s not sticky and gets absorbed quite quickly. Also, it’s the texture is not too dense which means it easily glides over the skin without you having to rub your face too much.

Fragrance: The fragrance is similar to the face wash.

Price: Rs. 249 for 50 gms.

Verdict: This isn’t expensive or sticky so I reckon you would do well to get one of these.

Love Nature Clay Mask: (Updated. Hadn’t tried it. But I did now)


Feel: This clay mask feels, well, like clay. It goes on thick and I personally don’t like them on this thick. It’s easily spreadable but thick. So I take the tiniest bit of water and use it to spread the mask evenly on my face. And it’s awesome.

Fragrance: The fragrance is very salon mask like but mild enough that it doesn’t annoy you.

Price: Rs. 249 for 50 gms.

Verdict: I love it. The clay mask stars to tighten as it dries up and at one point having a conversation is difficult. Why am I having a conversation with a mask on? *shrugs* . Once you wash it off, you skin feels squeaky clean, ever so slightly dry and really bright. Overall, worth a buy.

Price: Rs. 279 for 50g

Oriflame Haul

Besides what we received at the event, Oriflame also sent all the blogger a few products at home. We got most of the products from The One range which I believe is the cosmetics arm of Oriflame. There was jewellery designed specially for Oriflame, a The One High Impact Eye Pencil, a The One Kajal Eye Liner, a The One Matte Lipstick (Smoky Charcoal colour) and a The One Illuskin Face Primer.

Oriflame Illuskin

I haven’t tried most these products but you have to get your hands on the Illuskin Face Primer. I put it on for two occasions and my skin looked healthy, radiant and surprisingly illuminated. And it light up my face in a good way. In a way that made it look dewy. It’s awesome. It retails at Rs.549 a pop, so it’s not too expensive as well.


  1. Lovely jwellery designs …products look great too. I’m a big fan of Oriflame cosmetics and keep looking for reviews of newly launched products. Great post indeed. Thanks for the review. I would love to try face primer. Have not tried any primer yet from Oriflame so this is something I would definitely buy this time.

  2. I’m glad that Oriflame has come up with this amazing range of products. I love neem products as they goes well on my oily skin and quite efffective in balancing my oily skin. Its a must try for all those who are habitual to organic products.

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