If you don’t know already, my brother is getting married and I have decided to get in shape for it. It is 6 months away but I have the control of a dog in heat and I don’t trust myself to be on the wagon that long. But that’s what I thought I was doing. At this point in time, I am sitting here burping lovely burps of masala pav that was laden with cheese. So that plan isn’t exactly on track.

Anyway, when I had the enthusiasm, (about 8 days or so ago) I downloaded the HealthifyMe app. This is an app that promises to make your healthier. It does say it’s a weight loss coach but I think it’s a bit of a tall claim. Notice that I say healthier and not weighing less, necessarily. Of course, I wanted to do a review and I took screenshots. There are lots of apps that help you with your fitness plan, but I was looking for one that was specifically skewed towards the Indian audience because seriously, I just don’t have the time to count the calories in a roti, then subtract the half bit I didn’t eat because my dal went over it and all that. I prefer writing rotis and the app knowing how many calories to add, even if it’s an approximation.

Here’s the review.

The app has a good rating on the Google store. 4.2. They do reply to complaints but they are slow and I haven’t seen a reply from them for a while.

A good rating on the Google Play Store. (Image: www.damselindestress.in)
People seem to be loving it. Or maybe these are seeded. (Image: www.damselindestress.in)

Once you download it, it asks you a couple of questions about how old you are, your gender and your current weight. All embarrassing questions, barring the gender bit, which I (for the purposes of this review) have put in randomly. Come on, there’s no way I am telling you all that.

Put in these details. These are not my details. Just saying. (Image: www.damselindestress.in)

You are then told where you can put in the information about what you eat and how much exercise you are getting.

Image : www.damselindestress.in

It breaks down your food into 5 meals- breakfast, morning snack, lunch, evening snack and dinner. According to your plan, it breaks down the calories for each meal.

Image: www.damselindestress.in

It has also has the part where you can plug in the workout you’ve done and it will calculate the calories you burned.


Here’s what I think of the app.

The Good

You can find Indian items on the menu and they have a calorie count for it.

The app also tracks how many glasses of water you’ve had.

They’ve someone call you and take you through your entire diet chart and weightloss plan. That’s pretty proactive.

It can sync up with your fitness device, which is a super thing. Now if only someone would buy me a fitness device.

The Bad

A lot of the foods and exercises are not part of the app just yet. I assume this is a work in progress. But surely the basics could do with an upgrade.

We don’t always measure the food the way the app expects us to. For example, a katori or bowl of bhel has different calorie counts. I don’t know which is their size of a katori and what qualifies as a bowl. They also don’t account for thin or thick. I mean, we eat paper thin rotis and that’s not accounted for.

When you are getting the calorie count wrong or even right but that’s just how much you ate, a prompt comes up saying the calorie count is very high. This obviously sends you down on an instant guilt trip. Maybe that’s a good thing. But I panic and usually just change the measurements to feel better.

The call that I talk about in the good? Yeah, they somehow ended up giving me a yoga instructor. I have no idea why. So she calls me (on time) and asks me why I choose a yoga instructor. I draw a blank. She then lists the reasons why yoga is good for me. Yeah, I am baffled as well.

Verdict: Overall, I like the app. However, it has a long way to becoming the absolute place to go to for fitness or weight loss. It also uses very boring language. It could use something more exciting to keep the app user interested. Especially someone like me who has the attention span of a goldfish. But that’s mostly my fault. Has it helped me lose weight? I haven’t eaten really well, so no. And I could use more direction from the app. Would I pay money and go pro? No, not right now. 

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