This blog will have well-worded and interesting reviews of salons, spas, books and plays , so you know where to put your money. It also has a section where I will review experiences that are sporty or just interesting. Fitness enthusiasts can find news and updates about classes around the city, reviews of various forms of exercise and the kind of money casualties you are looking at. There’s also a section called the handy guide that will have information that can greatly cut down paperwork and documentation when you need to get stuff done. Basically, bookmark this website and I promise you will want to stick around.

What do the AAHs mean?

At the end of all reviews, I give the experience AAHs. This is a personal rating system which awards AAHs out of 5. Here’s what it means:

5 AAHs: What are you waiting for? Empty your wallets for this already

4 AAHs: An interesting experience that you should try atleast once

3 AAHs: Hmm. You could try it but it might underwhelm you for the money it asks you to cough up

2 AAHs: Why are they even in this business?

1 AAHs: Grab your wallet and rush to the nearest exit. This one sucks.


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  2. This is such a great blog! Saying this after going through dozens of lifestylestyle blogs..all having the same content (sadly..).. Keep it going.. 🙂


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