I am a 30-something writer from Mumbai with a penchant for humour. I had assumed by 30, I would have figured out what I want from life, have enough money for a convertible and fabulous sea-facing apartment. Currently, I am clueless about the first, the only convertible thing I have is a Lego head that can be placed on a man or woman and about 100 sq feet to stay. It does face a gutter so maybe that’s something.

Anyway, bored of what I was reading online and finding nothing that feeds my curiosity is the reason I have launched this blog. The blog will essentially review anything that is interesting to people. I have a special love for pedicures and that would be the reason for reviewing salons and spas extensively. Oh, and books because, books, Experiences around the city, recipes, fitness tips will all be covered too. If you want to get in touch with me, you can write to me at damselindestress15@gmail.com.

Customer Experience Designing

If you as a brand are looking for someone to audit, report and improve your customer service experience, I am the person to turn to. Having done many reviews and worked with numerous brands over 9 years, I can design a customized customer experience for you that will ensure loyalty, increased business and happier customers. Get in touch with me at damselindestress15@gmail.com to discuss this further.

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