That woman in the picture with the flat stomach? Yeah, that’s not going to happen in one day. But you knew that.

We all have this ‘one’ problem area that we want to lose weight from. It could be the hips, or the waist , or I don’t know nails. But if you want to lose your tummy because you have a wedding to attend or a date to impress or because you simply want to see your toes because, well, it would be nice to see them, you should read this. I am not saying you are going to lose the pot around the middle completely; it’s just going to be tinier to tide you through an event. With a flatter middle, the sari will look better and you will look less like an uncle at the birthday party. So here are 7 quick fix ways to wake up with a flatter tummy. Listen, you know this but it’s going to take much longer and much more from you to have a flat tummy forever.

Carbs under garb


While a lot of people would recommend a potato for the other nutrition it provides, I recommend that you skip it. From my experience, having potatoes, bread or any other white carbs for dinner always has me waking up feeling heavy and weighing more on the scale the next day. If you want the tummy to appear flatter, stick to soups and salads (without creamy dressings.) You could eat curries and dals as well but don’t mop it up with lots of paranthas and naans.

Float my bloat


Unless burping is a sport you particularly enjoy, give up on the soda and aerated drinks entirely. But if bloating is fun for you and don’t want to give it up forever, avoid them for a day atleast before an occasion to avoid your tummy jutting out like a small baby bump. Replace your drinks with lots and lots of water and plenty of cups of green tea. Also, avoid alcohol, doesn’t help the bloating at all.  The water will even help your skin look good, so it’s a win-win.

Dine deadline


Be smart about getting a flat tummy by grabbing dinner earlier than usual. If dinner at home is a late-ish affair, say by 9 or 10 and you are off to bed by 11, this could mean that the morning after will have you featuring a bigger tummy. Get your dinner early a day before, taking small bites and eating slowly to wake up with a waist that’s smaller than yesterday. You should be slightly hungry by the time you go to sleep.

Turn down the sodium


Salt can cause water retention and make you look bigger than you really are. You can’t not put salt in your food at all, but try and put a little less one night before and it should help you. Definitely avoid adding more salt to dinner at the table. Adding a little more tang to your food by squeezing fresh lime can compensate for the lack of salt a little bit.

Pass me the gas


If you don’t want to be the owner of vicious farts, it’s best to avoid gassy foods one day before the big event. Gassy foods are called that for obvious reasons. To keep the waist looking whittled down, avoid beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc. These tend to make you look a puffed up and that can never be a good thing. Think of the difference between corn and popcorn. No, sorry, terrible example.

Come to the core


Besides changing what you eat, you could add a little core workout to your routine a day or two before the occasion. While crunches should be included, also throw in a few leg raises and planks. Planks are the ultimate in belly busting workouts. Hold it for as long as you can and build up from there.

Be a plain Jain


While you don’t have to give up on the lovely fresh breath giver garlic and the lovely tear jerker onions forever, you can do without them for a day. Food cooked without these will make you feel lighter and slightly more energetic so this might actually be a really good idea.

All images taken from Pinterest.

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