Actresses go to great length for roles. They will use no makeup for a de-glam role. They’ll lose a few kilos, they get muscle, they visit places to observe how the people behave. Some are willing to shed their clothes and some are even willing to act.

Then, one actress was asked to get a waist you couldn’t put your arms around, fat on the arms that jiggled when waving and a chubby face to prove her mettle. And she did. Meet Bhumi Pednekar, an actress who did this all for her debut movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha, a film from the YashRaj banner. When we met her, she was looking svelte and sharp, having lost all the 22 kgs she was asked to put on and some more. We ask the woman who has been there and done that in fabulous style on tips to lose weight. And here’s what she had to say.

1. Workout and start early (young)

When I was losing weight, I was working out and I was dancing. I was always an active girl. I always went to the gym even before I had to lose this weight. But do something that’s fun for you. So I danced.

2. Replace.

Replace all your grains. Don’t eat white, eat brown. There are healthier options for everything. For example, have rajgira instead of rice. I also quit meat and that really helped me. I am a hardcore meat eater. I love protein. But then I got introduced to other things. I would have bajra, ragi, soya, channa, and multigrain rotis. Quinoa is stupidly expensive in India so I decided to have rajgira as a replacement.

3. Detox.

When I wanted to lose weight which was quite a bit, I started getting into detoxifying my body. I was guzzling litres of aloe vera everyday because I wanted to lose weight without it affecting my skin or hair or aging me. I also had a lot of green tea and kale juice. I tried to do it in the most natural way possible. I didn’t use any stimulants or anything.

4. Don’t starve

Losing weight should be fun. Don’t starve yourself. I had all meals properly with rotis and dal. I never skipped meals and if I really wanted to eat something, I would. If I got bored of eating salads, I would make a smoothie out of all the veggies. I would throw in whatever I wanted, blend it and have it.

5. Self-acceptance

When we were growing up, we were never told not to eat this or that. But of course, ice creams and cold drinks weren’t allowed. And even if we put on weight, we were never told you are becoming fat, it was always, you’re beautiful as you are, we love you, you are god’s special child. This was the constant boost of confidence in my life. That’s something that really helped me. So when I was asked to put on weight, I said yes quite quickly. I didn’t think taking it off will be tough. The thing is, you shouldn’t expect to look like a model if you never did. Be accepting of your body type.

6. Take labels lightly.

People put labels quite easily. ‘Moti,’’golu,’, is common. Let it not affect your confidence. Keep telling yourself I am pretty, I am confident. You don’t have to fit any mould created by society. I know a lot of women in my life who don’t come in your standard shape and size and they are some of the most beautiful women I know. I don’t know why there has to be stigma attached to any weight. Weight loss is overhyped in India and around the world. Stop making weight such a big deal!

And just for added fun, we asked her if Ayushmann Khurrana did really pick her up. (The last scene in the movie has Ayushmann running with a heavy Bhumi on the back)

Ayushman is a thorough gentleman. It was like Vikram Betaal when I was on his back. And trust me when I was on his back I couldn’t even walk in the sand. We were shooting by the riverside and It wasn’t even easy to walk. He ran with me on his back. He’s such a great guy because he had me on his back but everytime he put me down, he would ask me, ‘Are you okay? Did I hurt you?’ I was like ‘Stop it!’. When we were shooting that sequence, the summers had started and it was really hot. Hats off to him. He is, in every true way, superman. It’s not easy to pick someone up and run. And there was a 20 kg difference between Ayushmann and me. He was 70 kgs and I was 90 kgs. He trained really hard for the sequence so he was prepared, Whenever he would see me eat, he was like ‘Bas kar yaar, mujhe uthaana hai’

We met Bhumi at Diva’ni, a store that was celebrating it’s first year anniversary. DIVA’NI is India’s first cinema-inspired brand brought to you by YRF and KBSH Private Limited. DIVA’NI draws its inspiration from the legendary Yash Chopra, who put as much effort into draping his heroines, as he did in painting beautiful visual imageries on reel, his memorable cinematic artistry and costumes have catapulted many heroines to diva and enamored a generation of cinema lovers.

Disclaimer: Images have been taken off the internet but shall be replaced soon with original images. 

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