On a sunny (okay, very sunny) afternoon, I was invited to the Lonely Planet launch of the Best In Travel 2016 guide. This was at Marine Plaza so I left early- by 5:30am. And got there in time for high tea. Anyway, once there, I realised the event was literally for like half an hour and they had finished most of the formalities so basically I got there when people were packing up and getting ready to leave. So I did what a good blogger would do. Ate. *burp*

Okay, not really. I sat down for a quick chat with the Director of Lonely Planet India, Sesh Seshadri. Also, I got a copy of the Best in Travel 2016 guide, albeit a slightly beaten up version because they ran out of the books – which is funny because it’s the launch of the THAT guide.

Anyway, here are 5 reasons this guide makes sense.

  1. Curated content

Content online comes from many sources. From people who have visited the place, owners of the place trying to improve their image and a few genuine sources. The content in a Lonely Planet guide is curated by people who live in the place and experience it everyday. It’s like hanging out with the locals, going to their favourite joints and living life like they would. And that’s infinitely more fascinating to me.

2, It has listicles

We all love a good listicle. Or basically we have the attention span of a goldfish and listicles work for us. Anyway, this guide has plenty of lists from ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Sleepovers’ list to ‘Best places to meet mythical beasts’. How is that not intriguing?

3. It’s well written

Unlike the weird reviews you find online, the guide is written by people with lovely language skills so it makes for an absorbing read. Fun, engaging content that you can skim through if you aren’t looking to spend hours pouring over a guide book.

4. It has cute subheads

The guide has a section called Random Facts that truly states some bizarre facts about the local food, sights and even a country’s nuclear plan. If like me, you tend to click on ‘Random facts you didn’t know about XXX’ then this guide is the one for you. It should keep you entertained for many hours.

5. It smells amazing

I know I can’t be the only one who sniffs the spine of a book. I am? Oh well. Yes, anyway, so this book smells likes it’s just been printed and given to you, right off the bat. It’s lovely. And while this may not be a reason to buy a book, and you can smell it at bookstores, this one’s a keeper, right?

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