On Saturday, Fitternity invited bloggers and other social media people for a interesting session with Pooja Makhija who is a nutritionist to many stars like Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor and the like. She’s also the author of the book ‘Eat.Delete’. So anyway, the session was to happen at Temperance Studio in Bandra which is carefully tucked away, you’ll take some time just figuring out where it is.

I got there at about 3:40, by which time people had already been waiting for ten minutes and were starting to get impatient. Also, when I entered everyone turned around to stare because, well, the door was creaky and they were expecting Pooja to walk in.

After getting antsy for about 15 more minutes, Pooja finally came in. She, and kiwis, were introduced to us by a person from Fitternity. Pooja started a monologue which while interesting really needed a pump of energy or humour. Also, she started talking about children and their nutrition and I tuned out at that point. Anyway, we did get some super guidance, so here are 5 takeaways from her session.


  1. Timing is magical

From 45 minutes to two hours after you eat, how you feel will depend on what you ate. So if you ate something that is healthy and nourishing, you will happy and satisfied. If you ate something sugary and fattening, you are likely to feel a dip, experience mood swings and be in the right frame of mind to commit murder. What the reason for this time? Food takes 45 minutes  to 1 hour to be fully digested, so your food needs to nourish you to keep you going after that as well.

2. No need, get fat

If you have already eaten what you need to eat, that is, as much as your body needs in terms of carbohydrates, protein and fats, anything you eat after that, is going to be stored as fat. So, when you have that tiny piece of chocolate after lunch, it’s going straight to you waist or hips, because your body is chilling and doesn’t need it. Have two hours later and you might be okay.

3.  BMR

No, BMR isn’t some way of expressing that someone is your best friend in internet lingo. It is Basal Metabolic Rate – that’s the amount of calories the body needs even if you don’t do any activity. Like even if you laze around in bed all day, don’t even lift a finger, then the calories you need. This is for your body to function normally – like digest food, keep the circulation going etc. etc. And this BMR decreases as you grow older, so you have got to keep being active.

4. Food is friendship


Pooja had a wonderful way of explaining how you should think of food. Think of your staples- the veggies, dal and roti as your best friends, you are in touch almost everyday, you love each other etc. Then, with other foods that may be slightly calorie-laden, be good friends. And with sugary, fattening stuff, be just an acquaintances. Basically meet them rarely, make promises to meet up and postpone indefinitely. Pizza is best friend. Period.

5. De-myth

When Pooja took some questions from the audience, it was obvious all of us had the same questions. Should we eat before a workout? Yes, absolutely. But not too much. Something to kickstart the engine (as she put it). These superfoods, reality or myth? They are a reality, they are super good for you but they are the icing on the cake, don’t make them the cake itself. Which I thought was fabulous advice considering that I was planning to sell my kidney to buy some quinoa. She also said, don’t look for the wrong nutrition in the wrong food. Like don’t look for a dose of Vitamin C from an apple, look for that from an orange (this is an example and may be wrong) but you get the drift.

Overall, fun session. Just needed some more oomph.

Interesting facts:

Wholewheat bread only has 4-5% of wholewheat. The rest is still all purpose flour

You can get the fibre of a 100 rotis from just one apple.

Kiwi is a good fruit (repeatedly told to us)

Stick to the basics, local foods that your body is used to and is easily available. Don’t start a fancy diet program that is physically or financially unsustainable. 

A woman needs 2 to 2.5 litres of water a day in a tropical country like ours. A man needs anything from 3 to more than that. 


  1. Oh, I’ve seen her show and she’s said some interesting things that I never knew.. like do not drink water immediately after a meal, not eve n warm water for digestion. Liquids are to be had before meals or 45 mins after..
    Great post btw!

  2. I liked the part where u said u were planning to sell your kidney to buy some quinoa!!!great sense of humour. On a serious note, most of us are driven by these kind of fads.

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