Makeup is fun. It’s a lot of fun. You and your girlfriends can get together and go all colourful together. And sometimes, of course, we all paint our gfs in hideous shades because that’s fun. Atleast for us. This is usually in the teenage years.

But sometimes people don’t grow up at all. They get stuck in the teenage phase and makeup with them becomes all about going all out colour. And we Indian women have that problem a lot. Here are 5 makeup mistakes Indian women tend to make and what you can do to fix them.

  1. Not the right colour

We , as a nation, are obsessed with being and looking fair. And if this comes at the price of looking like a Geisha, most are a-okay with it. But that’s a makeup mistake that makes you look older and like you don’t know your makeup. Some fairness creams leave a whitish tinge behind and this can look super bad. Also, picking a lighter foundation to look fairer is kind of the biggest makeup mistake you will make.

Fix it: When buying a fairness cream (if this is all you wear), ensure it doesn’t leave behind a whitish residue that stays on the face. Pick a foundation your colour (check the colour on your jawline, outside the store) to see if it matches. Also, dot your foundation, don’t rub it in. Or use a brush.

Oh, and be careful of the sunscreen that leaves a tinge of white as well.

2. Powder room


It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily or dry, Indian weather conditions means a little oil will make an appearance on the face during the day. A lot of older women tend to apply talcum powder on their face which may keep their face dry but tends to look comical. People with oily skin tend to look like a pan by the end of the day and their powder, even if it is compact, tends to settle in the lines.

Fix it: First, always have tissues handy and wash the face with water and dry it when you reach your destination and then apply your makeup. If you don’t have time for that, simply carry loose powder with you. It’s fine and won’t look caked up for a quick touch up. Third, don’t wear a foundation – wear a mousse, wear tinted gel, anything that’s not thickly slathered on the skin.

3. Lip Service

While some us have started taking chances, a lot of women tend to stick to safe shades of browns and pinks on their lips. While these aren’t bad, sticking to these shades under all circumstances, is. Most young Indian women tend to favour lip glosses which at best serve as dirt collecting stickers and lip balms which are tinted. The older women prefer browns and pretty much stick to their shade with much ferocity.

Fix it: Lip glosses, while pretty, can get pretty dull after a while. Add a dash of colour with the variety of pink shades available. Older women, if not okay with experimenting too much, could try shades of brown with a undertone of pink which can make them feel safe and still add some vibrancy to the face.

4. Eye Spy


We are a kajal loving populace. And we wear it at weddings to office and everywhere in between. On the days we decide to skip the kajal, worried colleagues tend to ask if we are okay. And I am not saying kajal is bad, of course not. But kajal is dark and we have dark circles and eye bags. When the black of the kajal smudges, we get panda eyes. Since we don’t seem to particularly like concealers, the black under the eyes becomes a permanent feature.

Fix it: If you must wear something under the eyes, find a colour other than black. There’s browns, blues and greens – take your pick and they look just as good.This can help lift up the eyes. If you are thinking, ‘But wait, why can’t I use water-proof kajal?; You can. But only if you promise to religiously take it off every night with a good makeup remover. Also, you tend to rub your eyes a whole lot more when taking off water-proof kajal which isn’t good.

5. Glitter goddess


We have a thing for shiny, glittery things. That adage about all glittering things not being old? Yeah, we agree but we kind of don’t give a rat’s ass, we are going after all things glittery. Heads up though, glitter, atleast right now, isn’t exactly in. Nudes, mattes are the shades of this season, so throw those glittery bits away.

Fix it: Glitter around the eyes is a big no no unless you tend to be super miserly with it. Eyeshadows with lots of  glitter, please avoid. There are plenty of matte shades available in the market right now, get your hands on those.


  1. Heyy.. I agree with all the points except for the last. 🙂
    I’m personally and eye shadow person, and a little glitter here and there doesn’t hurt right 😉 If you can pull it off, it’s a success

  2. I agree to that last one, a lot of Indian Women think it’s fashionable to get too much glitter on during the day even to work, but it’s not.

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