As much as we love weekends, Sundays can be a drag because by now we are done chilling out (aka being drunk out of our brains) and you don’t want to do anything strenuous in preparation for the week ahead (aka 5 days of slavery). The malls with their fancy AC, cool brands and the food court tempt most people but on Sundays they are bursting at the seams with some very bored adults and very happy squealing children. The cinemas are running some monkey business hiking their prices so much on the weekend that you have to choose between surviving a month and watching a movie. So really, why would you want to step out? Get your friends over, grab a few beers and settle down with these games. Why do they work? Because A. They are super funny B. They can also get super competitive. Here is my list in the order of the fun you can have:

5) Scrabble:


This game has been around for pretty long but I think it deserves a revisit.

How to play: This game can be played by a maximum of 4 players. The objective of the game is to make words with the most number of points. The points of each letter is written on the bottom right corner of the tile.

Tip: Try and make words on the squares that give you a Double Word or Triple Word score

The wallet is lighter by: Rs.700

Fun Factor (based on how many times you can play this again): 3.5 out of 5

4) Twister:


If you are the kind that goes to the gym and comes back having worked out for exactly 3 minutes and spends the rest of it looking busy, this is for you. Lots of physical activity topped with dollops of fun.

How to play: Twister has a coloured mat and a device that looks a little like a clock. One person becomes a referee and turns the pointer on the clock-like device. The players have to place their hands and legs on the mat on the colour chosen by the pointer. Okay, I am not very good at explaining this, but buy the game and you will know.

Tip: Climb over others to make it more difficult for them to place their limb. Play this with people you are comfortable falling over. 😀

The wallet is lighter by: About Rs. 400

Fun Factor: 3.5 out of 5

3) Fruits:


All you need is a couple of decks of cards and a bunch of people.

How to play: Sit in a circle. Choose a category. Say, fruits. Each person in the circle picks a name of a fruit as their name. One person becomes the dealer (this person also chooses a name for themselves). The dealer places one card, FACE UP, in front of each person in the circle, slowly. If any person has the same card (not suit, number), they have to shout out the fruit name of the person they share the same card with. Lets take an example. Say, a 4 is placed in front of someone called Mango, a couple of persons later, another 4 (any colour, any suit)is placed in front of someone called Orange. Now, the minute both the players notice, they have to shout out Mango or orange. Whoever says it first, wins and gets to take all the cards that person has. The dealer has to keep giving out the cards while this is happening. If someone else gets the same card, they also have to start shouting!

Tip: Keep a long name. People always forget those! Also, if you need any help with this game or have any questions, leave a comment and I will get back to you.

The wallet is lighter by: About Rs. 50 for one deck of cards but you will need more

Fun Factor: 4 out of 5

2) Taboo


This is where your vocabulary will fail you, your team mates will pressurize you and your clues are most likely to be crap.

How to play: There is a board, a timer and lots of cards. Everyone is divided into teams, depending on the number of people. There is no restriction on the number of people or the team. On every turn, one person from the team gets 1 minute. The person picks up a card and has to get his team members to say the exact word on the card without using Taboo words. This game is so hilarious sometimes you cant get the word because you can’t stop laughing.

Tip: Always keep an eye on the time. If you start explaining a card and time runs out, you lose a point!

The wallet is lighter by: About Rs. 750 – 800 

Fun factor: 4.5 out of 5

1) Pictionary


If you can draw, great. If you can’t, its better.

How to play: There is a board, cards and notepads to scribble on. Everyone gets into teams and a cube is picked for each team. You throw the dice and move on the squares on the board. One person on the team draws the word on the card that is in the same colour as where the team’s cube has landed on the board. He has one minute according the timer to explain what he is drawing. If his team members get it, they stay at the same place. If they don’t, they have to move back the number of places they had moved ahead ( the number on the dice). There are lots of little things to this game which you will have to read. Since drawing can be so much fun, be prepared for some serious laughs.

Tip:  Use a whiteboard instead of the notepads so everyone from the other team can also see what is being drawn. Share the giggles.

The game ideally says you keep playing till you lose but switching turns is more fun

The wallet is lighter by: Rs. 750 – 800

Fun Factor: 5 out of 5 (this is the most fun game I have played! )

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