Breasts are interesting. And not just for having conversations with (Oh please, lots of men do it). They are interesting because, and many women will vouch for this, they seem to have a life completely of their own. They breathe a sigh of relief when you take off your bra at the end of the day. They seem heavy and tired just before our periods and they nonchalantly stand to attention on days you aren’t wearing a padded bra. But besides being very attached to our breasts, we women also forget the original purpose they are there for. Yup, to give babies some must needed nutrition. I was recently invited by Johnson and Johnson to an event where a panel would be discussing breastfeeding. It is breastfeeding week after all. The panel had a gynaec – Dr. Anjum Syed, a pediatrician – Dr. Girish Bhirud, and one Sonali Kulkarni.- a mom.

A couple of things happened during the event. One, it started an hour late so we just sat there a whole hour staring at an empty stage which, though pretty , was barely interesting. Much like a date. Second, the event had the hashtag #MomsThatBreastfeed or something which was supposed to be a declaration of sorts. Except I am not a mom yet and I am currently keeping my breasts to myself. So that killed any plans of tweeting that I had coz there’s no way I am using that hashtag.

Anyway, after the event, I spent some time with Anjum Syed who is a practicing gynecologist in Kalyan. She told me some very interesting facts about breastfeeding. And I am listing 5 of the most interesting ones here. Also, she debunked a few myths that all of us non-moms believe to be true. Also, everyone pledged to breastfeed, include Dr. Bhirud, so that was kinda awkward.


1. Nipple Nutrition

The panelists strongly recommended exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months for the baby. And this can go on upto 2 years or more (this is a personal choice). What’s fascinating is the body of the mother changes the composition of the feed /milk to suit the requirements of the baby. It’s true. It ensures the baby gets enough of everything and more of the fats/proteins/minerals that it may require. It’s not a booby trap guys!

2. Going tits up

Apparently a lot of women are more concerned about their breasts sagging and getting bigger and decide they would rather have a hungry baby than lose their figure. slow clap. In case you aren’t one of those, here’s what you need to know. One, no breasts do not sag after breastfeeding. In fact, you may notice a little more firmness in the long run if you let the baby take to the tit. Two, you do get bigger but you’ve plenty of options from nursing bras to no bra and everything in between. How much bigger will you get? When you are feeding, your ducts open up and this means you are looking at going up by about two cup sizes. Once you wean your child, you can expect to come back to your original size.

3. Sex it up

You have to love nature. I mean, did you know that breastfeeding offers a mild form of contraception. Which means that during the time that you can barely keep awake, you can have lots of sex without worrying about getting preggers. The irony. Of course, if your husband would do a snoring corpse, he has lots of fun coming up. However, it’s not a 100% form of contraception. There’s a 20-30% chance of pregnancy says the doc. Go at it like bunnies I say. Just don’t multiply like them.

4. Milk it for what it’s worth

There’s this notion that if you are an A cup you are not going to have much milk while the DD women will be inundating their babies with milk. Absolutely not, says the doc. In this case, size doesn’t matter. You will be lactating and your feed depends on many factors and your breast size has nothing to do with it. The double DDs can save their flaunting for another day.

5. Bust it open

So us non moms always wonder what it’s like to have to pop your breast out every time your baby wants a feed. Dr. Anjum says your baby’s mouth covers most of the boob, so don’t be worried about that. Also, stains on the shirt from the milk? If you express your milk (pump it out) enough, you shouldn’t have this problem. Another thing, working out during breasfeeding is completely okay so don’t let that be an excuse.

Finally, I would like to apologise to you if you’ve landed on this article due to your search words. I understand, these are hard and trying times. But while you are here, want to read about breastfeeding?

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