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App Review : Zooty, Beauty and Salon Deals

You’ve probably heard of Ziffi. Well, recently they went to the dressing room and got themselves a snazzy makeover. They come with a fun name now- Zooty – but you can still get some great salon deals on the app. Since this was right up my alley, they got in touch with me and I was pretty gung ho about doing the review. So, here’s what I thought. They have an okayish rating but that could be because they changed and all.


The interface is quite cool and colourful and that is my thing so I was instantly drawn to it. Even the heart icon they use is quite fun. Also, while loading, the slide screens are doing their thing.


Then, you must sign in, which is kind of a bummer because I would really like to see what they’ve on offer before I make that kind of commitment.

And they ask your gender as well.


Once you’ve given them all this info, it instantly takes into account where you are located and suggests places around the area. Since I didn’t want to take up a service in this area, I looked for other options. If you want only salons, or only spas, you can choose just that.


So I browsed through a bunch of places around my area, then in Bandra and then in random areas because I am easily distracted. However, I did notice that they haven’t got luxury salons with them. Most of them are chains or local salons and ones that I do not personally prefer. Also, I was thrown off because some of the searches it threw up weren’t even in the same area. I know Andheri East is close but to show up in the search is little weird na?


After browsing around for a while, I finally gave up and settled for a home service by Myglamm, coz they be tried and tested. I chose the services I wanted and the day and time I wanted them at. It was all very easy actually.



It then asked me for my address and other details which I keyed in. Because I have a lot of patience. You’ve plenty of payment options from Paytm to cash and all of that. I didn’t see cards so I don’t know if they have that yet,


Once confirmed, I also got an email from them with all the details. And I really liked the bit where they gave me a reminder. Rather cute.


Verdict: It’s a nice app where you can good deals on your local salons. Every woman knows she goes to her local salon for the threading and waxing services, you could really use the deals here. However, the more fancy salons are still to be included, so I will wait. 

If you want to read my review of Myglamm, you will find it here.






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