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Powerhouse Gym, Juhu : Walkthrough and Tour

The gym and I are not very good friends. We mostly avoid each other and when we meet, rather occasionally, we chat quickly and then get moving. So when I was recently invited by the Powerhouse Gym in Juhu for a tour and trial, I was reluctant because it would mean getting off my bum. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not the gym. It’s exercising in the gym that puts me off. Like the treadmill. You are moving but you are not getting anywhere. Plus, staring at a wall? Not fun. Anyway, I headed over to Powerhouse Gym in Juhu and was hoping they would surprise me. And they did. Thank god.


So allow me to give you a quick walkthrough around the gym. I must tell you this, they have lots of treadmills. Like plenty of them. Which is great because you don’t have to creepily walk up to the people running and sweating profusely and ask them when they’ll get off. The best bit? These treadmills face a window. So there’s a view. *high fives everyone*


Like with all gyms, they have a cardio area and a weight training area. The weight training area had people pumping some real iron so I quickly ran away lest they offer me a dumbbell or something and expect me to lift it. What? But it looked pretty well equipped. They also have lots of trainers around so if you need a little help or a lot of it, they are quite sweet and will be willing.


But let’s go downstairs. The area here is of interest to me because this is where they have their Crossfit classes. As we walked in, the area has this real rugged vibe to it. And various things, like a huge tyres and what not are strewn around. A class was in session and I saw these women doing pull ups. And in style. I can’t even do one. They design a complete program according to your skill and ability so you work your way up which is super cool. The people in class were really sweating it out and they were only 10 minutes in. This, I think, would be fun to do.


If you are in the market for a gym membership. Powerhouse might be a good option to consider. Good location and not too expensive as well. A membership for Crossfit for a whole year goes for 35000/- which ain’t too bad at all. You can go and try a class if you aren’t up for a long term commitment just yet.

I came out wanting to really feel the burn. So I went ahead and got some acidity. 🙂




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