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Should You Go Pro on Gaana? Find out with this App Review

Before we get into this review, you have to promise you’ll not judge my music choices because you are going to see plenty to screenshots and that’s kind of really putting me out there for judgement. Which is very brave of me, you must admit. That’s enough about me. We are going to review this app which I have been using for a while now so I really know how this works.

I have had the app for a while but to really be thorough, I hopped over to the Play store to see how they are performing there. So far, pretty good. They reply to the good and bad and are generally listening, from the looks of it. And 4.3 in rating. Great.



The Interface


When you first open the app, you should ideally be at home. But I am usually in my ‘Songs’ section which is where I have my downloaded music and favourites. The home page though, is pretty comprehensive listing trending songs, new releases and the like. Further down, there’s also a list of songs you’ve been listening to. The entire app is done up in orange and black. The space is clean and sharp with no unnecessary elements.

The App


So, here’s what I think of the functioning of the app. I will be putting it down in bullet points below so if you are too lazy, you can just check that out. The Gaana app is pretty on point with it’s songs. They are up on the app a couple of days after they are released which gives you access to a lot of new songs. However, some songs you will be unable to download for a few days. That happened to me with  ‘Humma Humma’. I am in the paid version of the app but this particular song was not available for download. It’s not crazy on notifications but when it does send them , they play a tune which could be really awkward if you are in a meeting.

As with all music apps, you can only listen to your downloads offline if you have paid for the app. Just to be clear, downloading the app is free and you can download the songs you want for free over wi-fi. But if you want to listen to those songs offline, that you won’t be able to do.


Going for the paid version is not expensive. It’s literally Rs.99 a month. And it works out slightly cheaper if you sign up for a longer time. But..and here’s where I tell you all the things that are wrong with this app. The first thing is, Gaana hangs a lot. A lot. There are times when I would open the app and I would see a blank screen. I go back and then force close the app and then restart it. It’s really not intuitive. It knows what songs what I listen to everyday and doesn’t know my choice. It randomly recommends songs. In fact, one of my regular earworms disappeared from my favourites recently. No idea why.  The funniest bit, out of all the songs I have downloaded, it has almost 90% in my favourites. ALL of them are not my favourites. No seriously. One more thing, which is f****** annoying is that when you make a payment to renew your account, it doesn’t show up for the longest time and I have been keep closing the app before it gets updated.

So, in a jiffy

The Good

Downloading the app is free and there are plenty of free trials

You can listen to the songs you download, for free if you have internet

The interface is clean and minimal. You do have two options to change the theme.

The bad

The app hangs. A lot.

After you’ve paid up, the app needs to be really shaken up to recognise that you’ve made the payment.

It’s really not intuitive. It doesn’t take into account if you’ve been downloading or listening songs to a particular singer or genre. It recommends something completely random.

Your favourites and downloads won’t really be different.

Verdict: I don’t love this app and wouldn’t recommend going to the paid version very soon. Explore the others. I am not switching because I have all my songs here now and I am too lazy to download all these again. 




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