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Hotel Review: Saj By The Lake, Malshej Ghat

A good deal is worth a million in hand goes a popular proverb. Or maybe that’s just me. That’s how deep I am. I make up my own proverbs. But as usual, we digress. So, a few months ago we had bought a deal on this website called Nearbuy. We made a booking at a hotel but had to cancel it because of a personal crisis. Many months later, we decided to use it. So we made a booking at the Saj By The Lake in Malshej Ghat. I am a really optimistic person and was hoping it would be cooler there which proves that I am plain silly. Anyway, since it was booked through nearbuy, we did call up and confirm the booking and they said, yes we had been pencilled in.



We came to the hotel after a long, hot drive and really, I was under the impression that we were somewhere near Delhi at this point. We got kokum sherbet and such small mercies are the reason for my existence. I do like Kokum a lot.

Check in

I don’t remember the name of the guy at the front desk but he didn’t tell us anything important. He asked for the details and told us which rooms we could get (Lake view was expensive at 11,000 and we had made a booking for a mountain view) . Anyway, we were led to one room which we didn’t like so we shifted to another one which had some outdoor space as well, so that was a good thing.


The rooms are decent and the place is generally interesting. There is an attempt to go all luxurious but it feels like they abandoned that thought midway and just , well, gave up. The rooms weren’t very clean. In fact, I did spot a couple of distinctly dusty areas but really didn’t want to lug around all our stuff anymore. The bedding was clean, the pillows were terribly uncomfortable and the blanket was too thick. We had to switch on the AC (it was too hot) and the very heavy blanket wasn’t helping.

The bathrooms were clean but bare. By bare I mean they only had shower gel and shampoo and conditioner. And two towels but really even Chintu’s lodge would give you something like that.


The food in general was tasty. They only have vegetarian food though. However, breakfast was a disappointment with dry bread and not many options

Now, they said their check out time was 10:30am which is ridiculous. We showed them the booking we had made which mentioned 12pm and the manager pretended this was the first time he had seen anything like this. Anyway, he said we ‘could’ stay on till 12. We usually ask for late checkout but this was silly. Turns out, they had a large group coming in and to ensure everything was ready for them, they wanted us to bugger off. What? Yeah. We told them this was the stupidest thing we have heard and how you shouldn’t shoo off guests actually living with you but accommodate the ones coming in but they dismissed it as if we should be grateful to them for giving us ‘extra’ time. They really need to fix their attitude.


Seating areas , quite pretty ones, peppered around the place



Do not understand the fake cows

Go for: Not anything really. They do have random cows, so maybe for that?

Don’t go for: The service or the hospitality

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.4500  for 1 night. Inclusive of taxes. So this was for a mountain view room which apparently goes for Rs.5500 which if I had actually paid I would be pretty annoyed. This is inclusive of breakfast, if you can call it that. 



The lake by which it is. This is quite pretty actually. 

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