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Launch: Beyu Cosmetics Comes to India

I think Germany is a really, really interesting country. Because, first of all, they’ve the BMW which is only the best car ever. But they also have a lot of beer which is really why you should like any country. But if you are going to be really particular, Germany in my head stands for quality. The products that usually come out of there are top notch. So, after spending several minutes trying to pronounce the name of the brand, I decided I would avoid using it altogether, the name, that is. If you are wondering, it’s pronounced Be You, like be yourself. Cute only.


That’s me. At the launch.

So this Thursday, I learned with a bunch of other bloggers that Beyu Cosmetics, a German brand is coming to India. And it will be in stores in April. Obviously, this thrills makeup lovers because it means we have another brand to choose from. By the way, it’s going to be in the drugstore category so we don’t have to be broke while we buy makeup, which I buy too much of.

So the brand will be available in stores soon enough, the starting price point is Rs.975 and from all the products I experienced, I enjoyed their eye pencils a lot. They are epic. Here are some pictures from the launch. Of course, I will keep using their products and keep you in the loop. So watch this space.

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