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5 Really Cool Makeup Takeaways from the Namrata Soni Masterclass

Recently, Innisfree invited me for a makeup masterclass with celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni. Now, before we go anywhere, let me tell you, this woman is a total rockstar and I have been following her on Instagram for, well, just about forever.

Innisfree is a Korean makeup brand that I was first introduced to when I made a trip to Delhi. The brand then came to Mumbai but since I found their skincare a little heavy for my face, I hadn’t made too many purchases from them. So the brand also has makeup which I knew but I kind of ignored. Their nail paints did look really interesting though.

Anyway, I loved the masterclass with Namrat Soni. She gave us some really cool insider tips and tricks which, because I am an amazing person, I will share with you here.

  1. Do up your eyebrows


When we are in a rush, we can be a little dismissive of eyebrows and will slap on some lipstick and be on our way. Namrata explained that big, bushy eyebrows frame the face and wait for it, can make you look younger. Of course, by a couple of years, it’s not Botox y’all. But, yes, younger.

2. Light and Dark

Still on eyebrows. So you know how we go in with just one shade on our brush and do our eyebrows? Namrata says you should use a lighter colour on the inside and use a darker shade on the outside of your brows to make them look more natural. I always wondered why they had two shades in an eyebrow kit. Now I know.

3. Highlighter Mayhem


I tend to have this issue where when I use highlighter, some of the texture on my face, the tiny bumps and all becomes prominent. And I asked Namrata about it. The key to not have your highlighter do that is to take a more subtle highlight. Something that looks like you’ve an inner glow and something that doesn’t blind people. Subtlety is key. I am as subtle as a raging bull, so…

4. Foundation Flaws

At the end of the session , Namrata was sweet enough to take pictures with all of us and recommend a shade , if we asked (of the cushion foundation that Innisfree is launching) and she gave us some stellar insights. She said that if you aren’t able to find an exact shade match, go for a slightly warmer shade, you’ll look better for it. Also, natural. I was like, you rock my world, woman.

5. It’s okay to cross

Another blogger asked if it’s okay to cross use products- foundation as concealer, lipstick as eyeshadow etc- and if it’s safe. Namrata said it was completely okay to do that. She did have a caveat, you just have to ensure it doesn’t break you out. I wouldn’t do this, but Namrata says go right ahead.

So how fab and unusual are these tips? I mean, Namrata was thorough and knew the brand and its products inside out. It was amazing.

We met Namrata as a part of a masterclass organised by Innisfree. The brand is introducing their cushion foundations and they will be in stores by April. The packaging is pretty fabulous and the concept is interesting too. You can pick your case, then your shade and in the range that suits you and even an applicator. Much fab.


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