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Product Review: Kaya Skin Awakening Rinse and Brightening Eye Serum

The description here is long. I know. But also this is a post about how dermatologists in our country are probably smoking up some very potent stuff. A lady at the Kaya counter was a very good sales person and she convinced I needed a facewash for the morning. Which let me tell you now, you don’t. You never will. A face wash doesn’t know timing and will do its job in the AM and PM. Yeah, so I didn’t need it and you won’t also. She also managed to sell me the Kaya Brightening and Firming Eye Serum promising me it would reduce my dark circles. Now if you don’t know, when someone says erases dark circles I will buy the product before they get to the end of their sentence. Yes, I am extremely gullible. So here’s a review of these two products.

Kaya Skin Awakening Rinse


Like I said, you don’t need a morning face wash. This fact was further driven home when I started using this product. It does absolutely nothing.

Feel: It comes in a tube that’s transparent with a hint of orange. Now you would think that this would be for some reason but that’s not the case. It has a screw on lid that if not closed real tight will allow the product to leak through. The product itself is a gel and is quite runny.

Fragrance: It’s smells like Tang. That’s a good thing right?

Price: Rs. 490 for 100ml

Buy it at:  All Kaya counters, stores and online.

Verdict: I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. This does absolutely nothing. It has some suspended glitter particles but mine have just collected in a corner and sit there just chilling. It does not refresh you, certainly doesn’t give you a ‘bloom’ (as mentioned at the back of the product) and is a complete waste of you money. Avoid.

Kaya Brightening and Firming Eye Serum


Let’s just say this product is really weird.

Feel: It said it was a brightening serum and i bought it. The product comes with a dropper and you have to dab the gel around your eye area. You do that and nothing happens. My dark circles haven’t budged and they don’t look firmed up at all.

Fragrance:It smells like nothing. There’s a faint fragrance but I can’t classify it.

Price: Rs. 990 for 10ml

Buy it at:  All Kaya counters, stores and online.

Verdict: Don’t fall for their tall claims. Nothing happens. And infact, when I applied this product, there’s this weird white residue that comes up around the eye area. And that’s why this product is not recommended. It’s expensive and doesn’t perform. Apparently, a lot of dermatologists work at Kaya. Maybe they should get other jobs.



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