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Website Review: Koovs.com

You know what happens when you have a million things to do and you get really overwhelmed? Yeah, some people will power through and start ticking things off that list. I, on the other hand, will go shopping. I indulge in retail therapy more than is normal, usual or socially acceptable. Since I give 0 f***s about society’s opinions on my shopping or anything else for that matter I headed over to Koovs.

Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post. If it was, I would be shopping for much, much more.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the website. So, the interface is just about okay. Nothing too pretty or fancy. I have gone to Koovs before and liked their clothes so much more than the Jabongs and Myntras of the world. So yeah, also there was a sale and the clothes are going for really low, peeps, I mean, it’s a steal. I got 3 tops for Rs.800 *collects your jaw from floor, attaches it back to face*. I know right?


So, that’s not very pretty. It’s very sales-y. But I fell for it. Khee khee.

Even the product pages, not very exciting. Meh.



They have the usual, the sorting out options- by price, colour , size and the like. The thing I don’t like is you can’t add the product straight to your bag from the main page. You can see the sizes, how it looks front and back but can’t add it to your bag. You have to click on it to do that.


And now is the bit that juggles with my snuggles. I mean, it annoys me. They let you do your shopping and you are like I don’t want to give you any info, I will continue as a guest.


But they then ask you all your details and I don’t even know what the difference would be if I signed up.

My email address, my phone number and all that. They of course need my address to give me my clothes but yes.

Okay,specifically here, remember to save the details once you put them in and not just clik on ‘Place Order’ coz it deletes it and you’ll have to rewrite the whole thing.



But see, see how much I paid for 3 tops. And one from New Look which bes expensive. Your payment options range from credit cards, debit cards and bank payments to all your usual suspects.

I am going to get the clothes in a few days so I will update this post with pictures of that. Let’s hold of the verdict till then about the products itself?


However, I must mention that it’s got one of the better, more interesting collections in the online world.


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  1. Malini says

    I was looking to see how your orders turned out. Could you upload pictures as you had mentioned?


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