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This Rs.200 Product is Everything for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is no fun. Cleaning anything is no fun , I think. Except your nose maybe. That’s interesting. Mainly because even though you know what’s going to be there, it’s still a bunch of fun to dig away. That’s just gross. The thought. We were talking about cleaning makeup brushes people. How did I end up discussing nose stuff?

Anyway, I was dilly-dallying on Amazon. in as usual, putting stuff into my cart and never really placing the order when I stumbled upon this little genius. You those massive Sigma mats that cost you a fortune and really in that much money, you would rather buy a new makeup product than clean it? Yeah, that one. Yeah, that’s for about Rs.3000. So, that’s not a good idea. Atleast for me.

Then, I saw this. This thing called the brush egg. It sounds like something to give an egg a thorough cleanse but it’s not. It’s a makeup cleaning device that you slip on two of your fingers and give your brushes a good, squeaky clean. The best bit, it’s only for RS. 200. Sit down. Maintain some decorum.


So I bought it, I used it and I absolutely loved it. Give this a go. The tiny dotted bit can be used for the eye and lip brushes and the bigger horizontal lines bit can be used for powder brushes, foundation brushes and the like. IT’s AWESOMESAUCE. Even though I may say so myself. WHATTEY FIND. Yes, it’s tiny but it does the job and does it well. what else do you want?

I have it in purple but there’s a cute pink one now as well. Just put on some Dettol handwash (yes, that’s what I use. Judge me), dampen your brush and get cleaning.

I give you a link here:





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