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Product Review: Bed Head Tigi Re-Energize Treatment Mask

Wow, I have been away from the writing bit for a while now. Just been talking a lot on my Youtube channel. Whattey subtle plug! Here it is, in case you want to hop over and subscribe.

So, I do like Bed Head Tigi products a lot. And not only because you can read their label while on the pot. It’s really interesting. No, really. But because I genuinely like how they work. So when the PR people offered to send me some products, I was like, hell yeah. Now, I have already used the shampoos from Bed Head- The Urban Anti-Dote shampoo and conditioner (LOVE!) and The Colour Goddess (LOVE! but it hasn’t got a review on the blog)- and I was expecting a lot from this one. Now, even before I got this one, I bought the Small Talk and I didn’t love it. I was quite disappointed because it comes with a heavy price tag. One kidney has been sold already.

Anyway, so I spent a couple of weeks with this product and here’s my review.

Bed Head TIGI Urban Anti-dotes range, Re-energize Treatment Mask



Product claims it’s ‘ perfect for normal hair that needs a wakeup call’.

Feel: The product looks like a it’s going to be really thick but it’s not. I would say it feels a little bit like a body butter- consistency-wise. It’s a huge pack and you only need a little bit each time. Plus, you only have to put it on the ends, so you use a very little amount each time.

Fragrance:I absolutely love the fragrance. It can seem a little sweet in the beginning but it it’s very subtle and you won’t even notice it.  But that’s a drawback as well. The fragrance disappears from the hair pretty quick.

Price: Rs.1100 for 200 grams. But you only have to use it once a week and it should stick around for a while.

Verdict: I usually like how Bed Head products work. They are pretty effective. And I did give this product time as well. However, while it’s nice, I didn’t love it. Not like I love their other products that blew my mind. While it’s nice, it did dry my hair a little bit and I don’t like that it didn’t feel like a treatment. However, their shampoos continue to impress.



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