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5 Tips To Avoid (Or atleast try) Putting on Weight This Diwali

How do you know Diwali is here? Because every brand is showing you ads with diyas and everyone is gifting someone something.Though all I seem to get for Diwali is sweets and diyas, both of which I pass on to other people. And some I eat. Okay, maybe I eat a lot of it okay? Don’t judge me, you judging person. Anyway, I know how difficult it is to lay off the sweets and the namkeens when Diwali is here and everyone is festive and happy. Also, wearing pretty clothes and going to lots of parties. So, I decided to help you out. These are tips and tricks that worked for me. Because, I could give you the usual tips- like where I tell you carry a snack and all that- but I know I end stuffing samosas in my mouth every time I try to pull off a stunt like that. So, here it is.

Have a very yummy lunch


Most parties start off in the evening and dinner is going to be a buffet. Also, let’s admit it, we go home from work, get dressed and leave for the party leaving no time for a snack and put that fruit down, really. Nobody wants it. So, you arrive famished and attack the hapless waiter carrying around the starters. Often, because you know you are going to indulge in the evening, you make lunch a simple affair. Wrong. This is going to make you look forward to dinner and your choices going to be extremely unhealthy. So, take a delicious lunch. Something cheesy and nice. When you get to the party, have a few starters and hit the dance floor. You’ll work off a few of the lunch calories and the party food isn’t as tempting when your lunch was amazing too.

Be a loner


Often at these parties, you wait for people to join you to have dinner. You and a bunch of friends or family and all that. Of course, sometimes it’s just rude. But when you are hungry, instead of mopping off the fried starters with the generous amounts of mayo, go get yourself a plate and eat a lot of the salad. And the main course, if dinner is being served. Then, get back to the party. Yes, you’ll be a loner but your hips will be smaller, so who’s happier then?

Tie it a little tighter


This is such a guilt-inducing trick for me. When I go to a party and I am wearing something snug or something that reveals my washboards abs (I am funny), I tend to eat less. So when you are stepping out, tie your ghagra/lehenga/petticoat a tad tighter than usual. When you are sitting down to eat and it tugs at your tummy, you know it’s time to stop eating. Also, say you are wearing a corset, the sight of a big tummy is going to be so un-pretty, you’ll want to stop grabbing those kebabs and stuffing your mouth with them.

Don’t eat uninterrupted



Yes, after a long day, you just want to sit down and eat your dinner in peace. No. That’s no good. Here’s a trick. Fill your plate up for one course. Then, get up walk around, mingle and burp inconsiderately in people’s faces. So classy. Don’t do that. But do anything that will interrupt your meal. Then, when you come back to your plat, you’ll know if you really want to eat more or not. If the hosts are paying per plate, this is going to suck for them coz they are getting billed thrice just because of you. But you are going to be fitter and that’s all that matters. Atleast to you.

Drink and dive



When you are all sitting around playing cards with a drink in one hand, me saying don’t drink is just me being a spoilsport. Drink because you know you will and also everyone will ask if something is wrong or if you are stupid. So, drink. But also, mix your drinks with not aerated beverages. And preferably with a lot of ice. This waters the drink down. Not ideal but who doesn’t like a nice waist instead of a pot belly?


  1. Don’t not have sweets at all and feel depressed. Just choose which one you really like and have that. You don’t have to try  everything! No, you don’t.
  2. Squeeze in a workout. Somewhere, anywhere. Even if it’s for 10 minutes. You’ll feel much better about yourself.


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