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Hair Service Review:Mookh Salon, Phoenix Market City, Kurla

Phoenix Market City in Kurla has a new salon. A salon called Mookh. It’s been around for a while but because I was gallivanting around town, I did not have time to pen down this post. Now, I went on a weekday, because that’s how I roll. Now, this place is easily missable. In fact, many places on this side of the mall are. But, but , I happened to be on that side once and simply had to review it. So, let’s get right to it.

The Space


I told you it was missable, yes? It is. Also, it has been designed by someone with a particular and peculiar penchant for white. The whole place can give you an alien vibe. Because I don’t know about you but when I go to a salon, I do want to feel like I am in outer space. It’s very white with little pops of blue. I went there for a hair spa and this area was cave like with you being seated under some seriously black ceiling. I am just going to leave at it not being my taste. The place is quite big and spacious so claustrophobic it isn’t.

The Service



I did call up the salon for an appointment and they called me as I was headed there. Kaching, brownie points. Once there though, I was made to wait for a good 15 minutes before a guy who had been sitting around was assigned the task of giving me a hair spa ritual. Mufeed seemed bored and uninterested but once we got talking he warmed up to me. So yay.

The Experience


Mufeed was really good. The massage was great and my hair felt super soft. The only downer was that he was really, really slow. Which is great because it’s a hair spa and you are supposed to feel pampered but I had million things to do and I just wanted him to get done with it after a while. He also abandoned me after he applied the hair mask and gave me massage. And abandoned me for a good 20 minutes or so. And I got some very weird stares from other customers as I walked around the salon. As if they’ve never done that. Anyway, once he was back he washed my hair and blow dried it but not to perfection. Just enough for it to look good. While the place wasn’t busy, it wasn’t packed as well. I assume people know about the salon from its other branches from around the city. He didn’t try to hard to sell me anything or any product and that makes me such a happy puppy.

It’s a wrap

Salon: Mookh Salon, Phoenix Market City, Kurla

Service availed: Hair Spa

The wallet is lighter by : Rs 1300 something. Little blurry on this figure, so don’t quote me on this. 

Get in touch: G-67, Phoenix Marketcity, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070 Call: 095944 78444

Brands used: L’Oreal

Hygiene of salon and professional: Clean and very white so  you could spot every tiny bit of the hair. 

Destress Quotient: 3.5 AAHs

Verdict: I liked the salon but wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. Maybe it’s just in its teething phase. Certainly not the best but not the worse also. 


Stylists name: Mufeed


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