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Skin Service Review (Women): Skin Story, Bandra West

You know how I have sworn off facials right? I just give my face a good clean with my Clarisonic every night. But the brother’s wedding was coming and I thought I would give one a go. I had read about the Skin Story in another story and they are supposed to have artisanal facials, so I thought this would be the kind of place I should give a whirl. It looked like a nice place.It seemed like the kind of place where the lady doing my facial wouldn’t have fingers smelling of gobi or wasn’t auditioning for a role in a utensil cleaning equipment commercial and didn’t want to scrub my face off . So, this is the story of Skin Story.

The Space


The Skin Story is easily missable. It sits atop some shops and if you aren’t looking for it, you’ll probably drive past it a couple of times before you give up and ask for directions. It’s only appropriate that there’s a eye care place below it, because it can test your vision. Okay, I exaggerate. You’ll find it. And once you get in, it’s got a lovely vintage feel to it. The decor is minimal and the place is done up in white, well, mostly.


The Service


The space is really pretty. Niketa, the owner, takes calls personally for appointments and seems really sweet. I did cancel on them once but with all the wedding preps,  just didn’t have time to call them and tell them. This day, however, they did call and confirmed and that, as you know, is always a good thing. Niketa asks for you to be on time which I think is only fair. I was asked to fill up a detailed form for my skin which I always think it a great thing.


The Experience


Now, let’s get to the really good bits. Going to the Skin Story for a facial is like a spa experience. Seriously. No one is chatting over your head, there are no distractions and you are even provided a gown and slippers. It’s beautiful. You can choose from two ranges of facials- Rs. 1500 and Rs.2500- I went for the 1500 one. The difference is explained to you at the counter by Niketa- the Rs.1500 doesn’t include extraction of blackheads. But I was okay with that, at that point anyway.

I was lead away to a small room with robes and slippers that I could change into. Then, I was introduced to my therapist- a small, smiling lady called Atim. She then lead me to a room with glass walls on either side and a beautiful, plush and squeaky clean bed. She tucked me into the sheets and asked me to put my phone on silent. Then, Niketa consulted me on my skin issues and issued instructions to Atim.

After this, the entire experience was pure bliss. She cleaned, exfoliated and masked my skin,  using cold cloth and warm cloth, soft sponges and just the right amount of pressure for my massage. It was so good that all my fears about facials melted away. And that is an achievement of epic proportions.

When I stepped out, my face was calm and unirritated (it usually turns red after a facial) and I was ever so slightly disoriented, in a good way.

It’s a wrap

Salon: Skin Story, Bandra

Service availed: Facial

The wallet is lighter by : Rs 1725 

Get in touch: 1, Jasmin House, 1st floor, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 Call: 099674 86664

Brands used: Thalgo

Hygiene of salon and professional: Excellent. Super clean. 

Destress Quotient: 5 AAHs

Verdict: I loved the salon, I loved the space and most of all, I loved that I could trust them implicitly with my skin. Overall, a big thumbs up. 

Stylists name: Atim


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