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I hired a Popular Makeup Artist from Mumbai and didn’t like her work. Here’s why.

So the big wedding in the family is over. My brother has been successfully attached to his hitherto girlfriend and they are well on their way to wedded bliss. If it can be called that. Anyway we hired (my sister in law and I) a popular Mumbai-based makeup artist who has some fabulous credentials to her name. We went over quite a few makeup artists’ work and liked her. Plus, she fit into the budget. Now, we asked this MUA to get a team with her to work on the other people- namely me, my mom, the two bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. She said she would get her ‘team’ with her. The makeup artist herself and an assistant would work on the bride, the other two people on the 5 of us. With the makeup artists sorted, we were happy. But things were to go downhill. And they did.

The makeup was blotchy, cracking and made me look years older. And I list for you here, the reasons this didn’t work out the way we intended.

I will mention here that she did do a decent job with the bride. It lacked finesse but a good job nonetheless.

  1. Her ‘team’ was a bunch of students


While this MUA pretended her team were professionally trained artists and stylists, they were not. In fact, they were students still getting the hang of makeup. This means they did a botched up job, were painfully slow and their makeup went horribly wrong. I did try and give them a chance with the 1st function – there were 4 -but decided to stop using them after the 1st function itself. I did use them for the wedding hoping they would do a better job. They didn’t.  They were horrible. We should’ve been informed that the people who were doing our makeup were students and if we were comfortable with it. Not just handed over to them as guinea pigs.

2. They looked unprofessional


Look, if you were going to put makeup on my face, I would like you to look like you give a damn about how you look. The MUA herself turned up early in the morning with her bra showing out of her top, her hair all over the place and looking sleepy. Yes, I know you’ve had an early morning flight but that’s no excuse. The students allotted to us were dressed in pyjamas and tshirts looking unwashed and unkempt when they were getting us dressed for the baraat the next morning.

3. They were ill equipped


I am not expecting that they use Hourglass cosmetics in their kit. I know those are expensive. But that your entire kit consists of Maybelline products is worrying. Their base colours were MAC and Bobbi Brown but that’s it. The rest of the products were all drugstore. The MUA had promised better products. The ‘team’ said they didn’t have hair accessories or bindis. You are coming to dress people for a wedding. Carry the basics!

4. They did a crap job


They didn’t get the base right for any of us. After a while, all the colour correction was starting to show and made us look strangely orange. They forgot to contour and highlight, placed the contour wrong on the face and didn’t even moisturise the face before starting the makeup. Simply put, they didn’t know what they were doing. They were taking 2 hours to get each of us dressed and that’s just stupid and unprofessional.

5. They didn’t know how to fix it



If I told them I wanted to a better contour, they got baffled. They couldn’t do a winged eyeliner, they couldn’t apply lashes properly. Basically, this MUA needs her head checked. Our makeup would crack if we smiled and I was so upset about how I looked at the wedding that I cried. I hate looking like I have a mask on and they did exactly that. After me telling them not to do that. And if I told them it looked bad, they wouldn’t know what to do. They just stood there stammering about how it looks fine.

I am not going to name this makeup artist because it seems like an agenda or a massive rant but please, let’s be careful about who we hire for ourselves. Oh btw, if you really want to know her name, please email me at and I will tell you who not to hire.


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