Month: September 2016

Skin Service Review (Women): Skin Story, Bandra West

You know how I have sworn off facials right? I just give my face a good clean with my Clarisonic every night. But the brother’s wedding was coming and I thought I would give one a go. I had read about the Skin Story in another story and they are supposed to have artisanal facials, so I thought this would be the kind of place I should give a whirl. It looked like a nice place.It seemed like the kind of place where the lady doing my facial wouldn’t have fingers smelling of gobi or wasn’t auditioning for a role in a utensil cleaning equipment commercial and didn’t want to scrub my face off . So, this is the story of Skin Story. The Space The Skin Story is easily missable. It sits atop some shops and if you aren’t looking for it, you’ll probably drive past it a couple of times before you give up and ask for directions. It’s only appropriate that there’s a eye care place below it, because it can test …

I hired a Popular Makeup Artist from Mumbai and didn’t like her work. Here’s why.

So the big wedding in the family is over. My brother has been successfully attached to his hitherto girlfriend and they are well on their way to wedded bliss. If it can be called that. Anyway we hired (my sister in law and I) a popular Mumbai-based makeup artist who has some fabulous credentials to her name. We went over quite a few makeup artists’ work and liked her. Plus, she fit into the budget. Now, we asked this MUA to get a team with her to work on the other people- namely me, my mom, the two bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. She said she would get her ‘team’ with her. The makeup artist herself and an assistant would work on the bride, the other two people on the 5 of us. With the makeup artists sorted, we were happy. But things were to go downhill. And they did. The makeup was blotchy, cracking and made me look years older. And I list for you here, the reasons this didn’t work out …

The Iba Halal Care Mini Haul

There’s a lot of things to be said about Halal products. Mostly, people don’t believe they are halal at all. But this brand, this brand has a certification. Of course, I did mostly find only skincare products and not much makeup, but that’s a start right? So, this brand- Iba Halal Care- has been started by two women- non-Muslim, who quit their jobs to launch this beauty brand. The brand isn’t very popular yet but is definitely available online. And I spotted atleast a few stores in Gujarat. I did, of course, buy products from them and here’s my mini haul. Watch it here: