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App + Salon Service Review: Timesaverz

I have been away and travelling to shop for my brother’s wedding which happens in September. Also, I was under the weather and covered with 4 blankets. Not fun.

I got an email from the people over at Timesaverz who said they wanted me to try out their beauty services to which I promptly agreed. Then, I had to leave town and unless the beauty lady came tagging along which would be slightly awkward, this would have to wait. So I decided to have the service later. And I did. Here’s my review of the app and the beauty services provided.

They gave me a Rs.1000 beauty voucher to use. I used the code they gave me in their app when I booked the appointment. I downloaded their app for to test things out.

So, before you say anything at all the app asks you where you live. And then you hope that your area is included in 294 places that it serves.


I made it through and went straight to the beauty services. I was recommended service that other people buy with this service but I cleverly dodged that bullet and didn’t click on anything I need. But also forgot I needed to thread my eyebrows which are now jutting out in random directions.


Then my appointment got book and I got a message confirming it got booked. Megha was assigned to me. When you book the appointment, you get only an option for 2 hours slots I wanted her to come at 11am but I had to choose the 10am-12 noon slot for that. So, yeah. As usual, I had to sign in, which was no fun. Give them a bunch of details like address and stuff. Also, if you are getting a beauty service today  (booked through the app) I am not going to take one tomorrow. Maybe take that into account before giving me app updates about a discount?

Beauty Service Review

I had booked a waxing and Destress combo- this one had a manicure, pedicure, head and back massage. Megha called me at 9am in the morning to confirm the appointment at which point I asked her to come by 11am. She said okay. She turned up in a Timesaverz Tshirt and things were looking good till then. That’s when it started going downhill. The wax was supposed to be flavoured (I paid for that) but it was not. She asked me for a newspaper to setup her stuff, she didn’t have any disposable sheets. She had nothing for me to change into. Her tools for the pedicure and manicure were dirty and unhygienic. Her massage was a maalish (alas! a good massage remains a distant dream) and she used the same towel to clean my hands as she did my legs and clean my nails. Then, she asked me to lay down on the same towel for a massage. Eww.


This was followed by her using the nail file ( this is the emery board side of a buffer, the number 1) on my nails and some part of it came off and went into my skin. I bled. She simply put her finger on it.

The worst bit was when the service was over, I was asked to pay her Rs.1247. I said i had a discount, she had no idea. So I had to call them, the customer service was clueless, then called me after 10 minutes saying it was okay and that I should pay only Rs.247. It was a sad note to end my service.


Verdict: All the services offered on the app are basic and do not cover all aspects of the service. The beauty service technicians suffer from lack of training as is usually the case. I wouldn’t recommend them. I would still turn to Myglamm for their beauty services. My review is here


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