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Beauty Updates: Organic Harvest opens New Store, Schwarzkopf launches Academy


I missed this. But then it was a tough time for family and I didn’t feel like talking about much here.

Anyway, I am back and it’s time to talk beauty and skin. I went to Dubai and I will be discussing my makeup haul from there soon enough. I went a little crazy, to be honest. Picking up everything I could get my hands on and annoying the ladies by being extremely specific. I am not entirely sure but I saw couple of them buying guns so I am venturing a guess.

Before I left, I had a whirlwind week. Back to back events and interesting ones at that too. So, here’s what happened.

Organic Harvest Opens Outlet in Juhu


Organic Harvest, a brand that serves up organic, paraben-free products, launched its 11th outlet in Juhu. All of us bloggers made our way there and we got a bunch of products to try as well. The brand has an exfoliating scrub that seemed extremely interesting. While the usual suspects are all there- creams, shampoos, lotions and potions, the fragrances for most products were just about okay. A big bummer for me. However, the scrub I tried was pretty awesome and something that I might consider buying when I am done with my current crop. Oh, by the way, we all got some hairstyles done and even if I may say so myself, the one I got was pretty kickass.


Schwarzkopf Professional launched ASK Academy


Schwarzkopf Professional inaugurated the ASK Academy in Andheri East. This is going to be a hairdressing academy and they have some pretty cool stuff in the pipeline.  They followed it up with a hair fashion show at Taj Land’s End. The brand’s International Creative Director Simon Ellis talked about the looks for the season and introduced the audience to some pretty spectacular work. Check it out.



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